Now and then i do fights with two fractions then tally up the comments

Brotherhood Of Steel: The Only army who give a damn about you and wastelanders in the entire game talking about fallout 3.Mainly Useing Miniguns, Laser rifles, assualt rifles, Gatling lasers & my favourite Sniper rifle. useing Liberty Prime as they main support against the war against the enclave if he is not around they actaully fight lol

Raiders:Drug addict mental cases who like to see u bleed to death! This morons are murderer's who like torture & murder they near the citadel as well so if you grab they corpses and drag them other they, they will attack the citadel which is cool. They main weapons knifes, hunting rifles, flamers, missle launcher, grenades, assualt rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, nail boards, 10mm submachine guns & fists

So comment now and see who wins

P.s first fight as well so be nice :D