Another story I am working on. I see so little work on the Sigma Squad.. Hope you enjoy!


Location: Hidden Enclave stronghold underneath Paradise Falls.

It just didn't add up…

Major Harold Bensen shook his head slowly, not understanding what he was seeing. "You're telling me that this one little kid is causing all of these problems?" He scanned the report he was holding once again, still not believing it.

Enclave outposts all throughout the D.C. area were reporting the same thing. A young kid, looking no more then 20, was attacking every Enclave unit he found. He was reported as wearing a beaten Regulator Duster and a cowboy hat. He followed the same patter for every attack, too. He would storm the camp, kill everyone he could see and take anything not bolted down. He would access the camps computer terminal and download the entire database. The mind blowing thing was that he would always send a message through the Enclave network bragging about what he did! They arrogance of this little snot was astounding.

Bensen crumpled the paper and tossed it to the ground. He leaned forward on the table, brushing aside the piles of paperwork. "Get on the line with Adams; we need to get this reported to Conel Autumn." A young looking comm officer jumped to his feet and ran to the battered radio set up. Bensen frowned to himself. The comm kid looked like he was 15. They were just so young these days. When Raven Rock fell, so many of their best had been stationed there. They had almost lost Autumn in that fiasco, as well as Sigma Squad. Thank God for that one.

Sigma Squad. Now there was a dedicated group of soldiers. Six men and two women made up the single most skilled group of operatives in the Enclave's forces. Bensen was hoping to get access to them from Autumn to take care of the Kid. If he could manage that, he could finally show that punk what happens when you mess with the Enclave.

Location: Wasteland

He jerked the lever and let another round tear from Lincon's rife, smiling as the head of the last Enclave officer vanished in a haze of red and grey. He stalked towards the camp, double checking the area to make sure there weren't any other grunts wandering around the base that he hadn't noticed. His fingers danced over the buttons of his Pip-Boy 3000, bringing up the local map and showing anything living nearby. Deciding it was all clear, he moved into the small camp, picking the dead soldiers and officer clean of anything salvageable. He pushed up the brim of his dusty hat, scanning the camp from the computer terminal. Brushing a few errant strands of dirty blonde hair from his uncannily green eyes, he frowned deeply. "Where the hell is it…?" No terminal at all here.

A cough came to his lips, a hand lifting to cover his mouth. Hah. Vault born courtesy. He rubbed his throat lightly, fingers playing along a long, ragged scar. It traced from his chin, all the way across his neck and over his Adams apple, coming to an end out of sight underneath the trim of his duster.

Growling to himself, he picked through the remains of the camp, finding little of worth to take with him. And only 3 soldiers and an officer. Not the kind of resistance he had come to expect. Chuckling to himself, he turned to leave. "Getting sloppy. Dogmeat! C'mon boy!" He let out a sharp whistle and no sooner was it past his lips then the scruffy looking grey dog bounded over one of the metal barriers. The Wanderer crouched and ruffled the pup's ears. "No terminal here, bud. Gotta keep going."

Dogmeat barked and took off towards the east, the Wanderer walking slowly behind him.

Location: Vertibird over D.C. Wasteland

Bensen was pacing the deck of his Vertibird, visibly fuming with impatience. This waiting was killing him. The message and request for Sigma's aid was sent yesterday and still they haven't heard back yet. He was sure they were just jerking him around.

"Any word yet, Private?" Bensen asked for about the 50th time.

The young co-pilot glanced over his shoulder to Bensen and shook his head. "Nothing yet, sir." The kid looked shaken. "What could be taking them so long? You don't think the target has hit Adams, do you?" Bensen shook his head and stopped beside one of the small windows, once more watching the desolation fly past. "I doubt it… The kid is strong, but to level our center of command? No. I don't think even he could pull that off. But that little shit is doing wonders on our small outposts here, still. We need Sigma, sooner than later." Bensen let out a sigh and got lost in the sight of the wasteland below. "We need to end this…"

"Sir! Adams on the line!" The co-pilot sounded off. "Confirmation of request… Sigma deployed and en route. ETA 12 hours for arrival at the Dunwich building." The young man was grinning now… as was Bensen.

"Finally! That little puke is going down."