• LaRusic

    Sigma Rising

    May 11, 2011 by LaRusic

    Another story I am working on. I see so little work on the Sigma Squad.. Hope you enjoy!


    Location: Hidden Enclave stronghold underneath Paradise Falls.

    It just didn't add up…

    Major Harold Bensen shook his head slowly, not understanding what he was seeing. "You're telling me that this one little kid is causing all of these problems?" He scanned the report he was holding once again, still not believing it.

    Enclave outposts all throughout the D.C. area were reporting the same thing. A young kid, looking no more then 20, was attacking every Enclave unit he found. He was reported as wearing a beaten Regulator Duster and a cowboy hat. He followed the same patter for every attack, too. He would storm the camp, kill everyone he could see and take…

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  • LaRusic

    Les ducked behind the scorched car as a bullet ricocheted off the burnt metal… from behind him.

    “What the Hell, Ian?!” He looked over his shoulder to the innocent looking man behind him. AS if the raiders in front of him were not enough, Ian apparently thought he would pop off a shot at him once again.

    “Sorry! Not sure how that happened…” Ian shouted as he ripped off a shot that actually found its mark and dropped the last raider. He got up slowly, looking very interested in his own pistol. “Damn thing has a mind of its own sometimes…”

    Les shook his head and rose, dusting the rust from his arms and chest. “Every time… Every. Single. Time. You manage to almost kill me in every fight we get into! Are you half blind or something?” Les was beyond…

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    First Time Blogger

    April 21, 2011 by LaRusic

    So I've been wandering the Wiki for a while now, digging in here and there and see what it is all about, and I have to say, I am so very impressed at all this.

    To get such a gathering of people dedicated to a franchise isn't exactly out of the ordinary, but sheer amount of information put into this is astounding! I've gotten help in every aspect from this site and I will continue to wander and contribute where I can!

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