woo... updated the Fallout BOS quest Rescue Innocents. Ran through this one several times to verify rewards and to get the 100% reward. and quite annoying the game crashed on me multiple times while going through. previously the quest page claimed the same reward regardless of outcome, and this is not true. though i am a little surprised that a reward still is offered for NOT saving the innocents. might make another update tonight, not sure if i want to keep at it or go to a better game for now.

so im not sure if this deserves a note on the quest page. but talking to the wasteland stranger if no innocents are rescued gives a speech option to say Couldn't rescue them, I say good riddance (paraphrased), he responds "You let them die?!? That doesn't seems very knightly at all. You sure you didn't take a few of the townspeople out yourself, just for sport?" (and i had) you can then respond with "Let's not dwell on who killed who... I've got other things on my mind..." or "I'm going to forget you said that and walk away." no other negative consequences or even a comment from the other townspeople.

anyways, pics are on the way where needed for chapter 1 of BOS -- probably some time this weekend.