Got this game loaded onto my Xbox the other day -- for those that are interested I have a modified Xbox, running XBMC, with a 500 gig HDD (which is now fully loaded). I typically run the Xbox on an HDTV, but at the moment it is connected to a SDTV. From what I can tell this game does not support HD resolutions, but even 480p vs 480i is a drastic difference, especially on a good TV.

Since I know this site is lacking information about that particular game I am going to make an effort to make updates for this title. I know this site needs pictures, but until I get my HDTV cables back from a friend I will not be adding any pictures (just want to get clean pics and since this game is already 7 years old I know there is no rush). Expect updates from me about once a week or less, but I'll try to make as many updates as possible when I do make them. I will confirm existing information on this site, and make minor changes where necessary. I invite those interested to point me to information to verify or pictures to be gotten, particularly if it looks like I skipped over anything.

My past experience with Fallout began with the New Vegas title. I have since played Fallout 3, and am still playing that, now experimenting with various mods. I have also recently played Fallout 1 & 2, but did not get far into those titles and don't expect I will return to them anytime soon (they seemed much too slow paced for my interest). BOS reminds me more of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights than the original Fallout games.