For creating new Fallout games, the should perhaps make something similiar to TF2. Here is my idea:

Two teams, you can select anytime.

The Brotherhood of Steel

The Platinum Paladins

The two teams have been at conflict with each other and Platinum have planned to destroyc the White House as their goal.

Create your own character:

Sex Hair Skin Armour

What Type?:

Types in the game should be based on the armour you were and the weapons you brandish. You can change weapons anytime. For instance:

Flamethrower Shotgun Fire Axe Would make the class: Arsonist

Sniper Rifle Assault Rifle Machete Would make the class: Sniper

The End:

In the game, there is a leaderboard. The top 8 players who stay there until 6 real months have passed, go head to head in a final showdown consisting of 3 soldiers (for each team) and 1 robot (like Liberty Prime and 1 for each team). The battle is sudden death. Once all three soldiers from a team are dead, the robot comes out from their team to fight. If however everyone survives and other others don't (If all soldiers were killed in Platinum but all 3 in Steel were alive) then mercy is callen out and the game goes to the team with all soldiers left.

So, what do you think?

--Kopeke6991 18:30, May 24, 2011 (UTC)