have you ever needed to have the rare .308 sniper rounds but fell short of it in battle time after time agian? have you ever been trying to master that perfect headshot? or even just trying to build up a badass rep as the best shot in the wasteland? well now the answers to all your problems are here. first of all lets talk about how to get infinite .308 caliber rounds for your best friend, your sniper. 8 AM in rivet city is the time of your snipers shopping spree. when entering, talk to flak, or shrapnel, and buy their (usually 20) .308 sniper rounds in stock. then go to that dirty ex-slaver seagrave holmes and buy his measly 3 sniper rounds. then go outside of the market and wait 3 days. go back in and indulge your sniper with somemore pleasureing ammo for your useing. with patience, you will build up your rare .308 caliber sniper ammo but more importantly, your relationship with your sniper. Now your thinking, what is this Oprah? Dr. Phil? No but the more you get to know your sniper the more headshots and limbs you will be blowing off from a mile's distance. ahhh. i remember the days. oh yeah back to the guide. now that we covered the ammo shortage, we'll master that perfect headshot. ok first up, setting the scenario... your up on a mountain, looking down at a raider infested Evergreen Mills. you aim at the moving raider and fire! too bad your now chained up on the wall or to a bed with your limbs all cut off because you missed and blew your cover. well now heres the trick. lets say hes walking to the left. probally checking on the slaves you know you've played this game. ok hes moving left. key is not to aim at him but a little in front of the distance hes about to move into. so have your scope alittle more left then him then steady it. right when he walks into your view pull the trigger. (cleanup on isle 3). then duck so the other raiders dont spot you. then repeat, just like washing your hair. ok i know i've been talking and talking and talk- oh sorry. right last but now least your rep. just following these simple steps will get you that fame and,(well not fortune i mean its the wasteland, whos gonna give you money? But anyway fame and a badass rep right? some steps to follow are 1. if your a bad sniper, dont bring anyone with you on your scouting missions. just go alone and come back with lies. man you should of seen that super mutant squirming around when i shot him at a mile away. whew! lies is the key thing. but if your good at snipeing, you read my guide lol, then bring em all on a scouting mission. decapitate one after another and BRAG! thats the key. keep bragging till your brothers of steel cant take it anymore. and last step for those great snipers. before you and your squad go out to snipe some muties, steal their ammo so that they all run out and have to watch you take all the credit. yep this is the snipers guide to success with me kodiak A.K.A Jake Bobrowsky. 'aww whats that snipey? you want to take a break? WELL NO BREAK FOR YOU! more killing. and no im not takeing this snipeing thing too far.' Thankyou bethesda and thankyou for all those youtubers like orcidea who helped me with things in the game. Woot Woot cant wait till fallout 4 and fallout new vegas!