• Kodiak 561

    have you ever needed to have the rare .308 sniper rounds but fell short of it in battle time after time agian? have you ever been trying to master that perfect headshot? or even just trying to build up a badass rep as the best shot in the wasteland? well now the answers to all your problems are here. first of all lets talk about how to get infinite .308 caliber rounds for your best friend, your sniper. 8 AM in rivet city is the time of your snipers shopping spree. when entering, talk to flak, or shrapnel, and buy their (usually 20) .308 sniper rounds in stock. then go to that dirty ex-slaver seagrave holmes and buy his measly 3 sniper rounds. then go outside of the market and wait 3 days. go back in and indulge your sniper with somemore pl…

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