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The Andelbergian region, better known as the Northern Wasteland, is a fictional wasteland taking place in the Fallout timeline.


The city of Andelberg was planned to be created shortly after the technological boom of 1950's North America. The city was planned to be built in the lush, unclaimed land somewhere in between California and Seattle, in the west coast.

After tedious planning and mapping, the city's construction was finally realized thirty years after it was a small idea. Peterson Andelberg was the architect and genius who visualized the city's structure. He wanted to be part of the United States' expansion into the future, creating an ideal city to serve this purpose. Andelberg was the middle child of a wealthy family, growing up to become an entrepreneur. When he was 30 and a self-made millionaire, he went on to finish school to graduate as an architect. His dream of twenty years is finally going to become realized.


The Northern Wasteland is divided into three sections; the city scape, the countryside, and the lake. Lake Saint Joule is located at the northern part of the wasteland, covering 70% of the section in the form of lakes and hills. The lakes flow throughout the countryside, in which a huge, clear landscape of green grass and trees span across 45% of the whole wasteland. Andelberg city is located at the western side of the wasteland, also making up its border. The city only covers about 18% of the wasteland, made up of various tall skyscrapers and buildings. The countryside has made room for the city's agriculture and living areas of city dwellers.

Major Factions

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Minor Factions

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Characters and Creatures

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