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Minor Factions

Descendants of the Road Warriors

Karma: Good

2267: Legends

Rumor has it that there was a group of warriors making their way west to California. Nobody knew much about them, but they were known to be a group of "raider killers." Some believed they were raiders themselves; others thought they were renegade Brotherhood of Steel members; some even thought they were "mini-nukes in human form."

But nobody had it right. They were a group of men and women, who survived through thick and thin. A man named Warren Ruthauer led them, but he didn't have the say of the group's decision. He was merely a guide, someone who gives direction. Warren was born into a raider tribe, eventually growing to become an adept combatant. But as he grew up, he saw the error of his family's ways. He decided to leave them, to survive on his own, without prowling on the weak. Throughout his journey, he gained many friends; one was a ghoul, another was former slave, the other was an ex-mercenary, and the other was a former Brotherhood of Steel paladin. Together, they formed a formidable force, battling raiders and slavers who put the weak's lives in danger.

2276: Arrival at the Northern Wasteland

For years, the "Road Warriors" finally arrived in the Northern Wasteland. Warren, who had a family by now, planned to retire in the town. But he needed to fight one last time. The raiders, especially the Raptors, were still very common during that time. He made it his job to reduce their ranks; as such, he, along with his group, constantly tried to repel the raiders. Thanks to their efforts, the raiders were reduced. Peace was finally blooming in the wasteland.

2281-2289: Settlement

The raiders were finally driven off when the Liberators entered. By this time, Warren and his group settled in the "Morning Glory Suburbia," which were full of houses that were still ideal for living. Here, Warren and his wife, Helen, settled and raised a family of three. He was too old to fight, and so were his comrades; and so, he taught everything he knew to his daughter, Abigail, in hopes that she will take over the town in the future.

Abigail grew up to inherit her parents' skills, and the new voice of the village. Together with the help of his childhood friends, who were the sons and daughters of his father's friends, they built a small settlement in which the threatened are protected. She didn't act as leader, but just a "guide" like her father was.

As the Liberators' influence grew, they took notice of the settlement, noticing the presence of the warriors there. As such, he only sent envoys to gain their allegiance, promising them a spot high up the army. But Abigail wasn't interest in armies; she turned them down and asked for nothing but neutrality. Jonathan kept attempting to gain her alliance, changing his offers day by day. But Abigail simply didn't crack. Jonathan grew more and more impressed, to the point that she saw her as an ideal partner. Jonathan changed his tactic, hoping for the right time to approach her. Abigail questioned their name; a Liberator lets individuals free, not absorb them into their armies. She cared less for their affairs, and more for her town's future.

The Liberator Outcasts

Karma: Good

2275: The Past

Christina Finley was the proud daughter and future successor of Lazarus Finley. At an early age, she was taught by his father all that he knew about war. But Christina was less than interested in this; she often either forgot or only paid attention to half of what he was teaching. But she didn't want to disappoint her father; she pretended to pay attention. She was more interested in humanitarian affairs. But this was not so for his fellow classmate, Jonathan Barnabus. He paid more attention to her father than she ever did, and as such often talked to him for what he was missing out on. In other occasions, she turned on her father's good friend and "uncle," Edgar Barnabus. He told her what would be an idea that would inspire her in the future; that the Liberators free others, and not tyrannize them. Her natural interest for human affairs made her the apprentice of Edgar Barnabus.

2281: The Condemnation

For years following the Liberators' discovery of the wasteland, Jonathan and Christina represented the future of the group. They led the youth of the Liberators with two opposing ideologies: safety and freedom. Jonathan sternly believed in military rule to keep order in the harsh wasteland. Christina hoped for a more peaceful approach, swaying the violence with words instead of violence. They were both different, but this only kept them closer together.

But things were about to change. Both Jonathan and Christina were suddenly summoned when Edgar made his announcement. There, they both witnessed Lazarus stepping up, condemning his own friend to exile and taking leadership of the people. Christina was shocked; how could he do this to his own friend? She pleaded for her father to take it back. But her father looked at her in such a way that stopped her tracks. She then turned to Jonathan, hoping that he will take his own father back. But this was the least of her expectations. She watched as his future father-in-law walked through the crowd of people, through the mystery of the wasteland. Christina lost her mentor in the course of a day.

2282-2288: Imprisoned

For years, she watched her father rule over the people, taking the name "Liberator" in a different context. She watched as the citizens of New Andelberg were violently driven off. She saw the people develop into an army, completely loyal to her father. Even her partner, Jonathan, was moved by this. She never felt so alone.

To prevent her influence, Lazarus kept her locked in his quarters, closely watched by "Liberator guards" that were once her friends. She had a curfew to go outside, and even then she was unable to get closer to the people. Her depression worsened; she started taking small doses of Med-X to numb her emotional pain.

Years passed, and Christina remained secluded from much of the outside. She used this time to continue her studies, using the books and notes she had taken from her mentor. Jonathan, as hard as he tried, remained separated from her. She couldn't believe that her only childhood friend could betray her like this. But her bitterness didn't stop her from living a meaningless life; she tried her hardest to stay strong.

As time passed, her father became battle-scarred and ill of old age. He spent his remaining time near her, attempting to convert her opposing idea to his. She only remained silent, not trying to add to his father's stress by arguing with him. She started acting like his student again, pretending to pay attention but completely disregarding everything.

The time finally came when her father passed away. Christina forgot all about her father's philosophies and bid farewell to the man that took care of her when she was young. She didn't receive her father's heirloom; her partner, Jonathan, did. Jonathan used this chance to sway her back, so that she can "fulfill her father's expectations." Christina refused.

2289: Separation

The Liberator Republic of Andelberg was thrown into brief disarray when their leader has fallen. Christina took this chance to persuade much of the citizens to live a life "without soldiers, but pacifiers." She gained a considerable following of thirty, and fled as soon as possible. She headed east from the city scape, creating a small settlement in a nearby bunker. The bunker's size was enough to house much of her followers. They expanded on the surface, making use of scrap items to create makeshift homes.

With her knowledge of the Liberators' main city, she sent "agents" bearing messages that promised them the "true meaning of the Liberators." She hoped to show her future members what she had learned from her former mentor. Unlike him, she wanted to serve as a "guide" in making their decisions that would lead to fulfilling their destinies.

Knowing Jonathan very well, Christina remained to operate under his radar, hoping to sway the citizens into a life of freedom one at a time. Violence was the last thing in her mind, but if it was required, she and her followers will be ready.

The Forgotten

Karma: Neutral

2102-2168: Post-apocalyptic Survival

When the bombs fell, citizens of Andelberg took refuge in the financial district, assuming that the bunkers there will protect them from the explosion and radiation exposure. The underground bunkers were designed by Boron-Tec, a branch of Vault-Tec industries specifically chosen by the city to head the shelter construction. Just as they had expected, they were nearly untouched by the bombs. To add to their luck, the district was not as intensely affected as the other parts of the city. This made the area around the bunker a safe haven for the survivors of the Great War.

Years after the bombs fell, the bunker's survivors, who called themselves the "Andelberg refugees," did what was to be expected of the post-apocalypse: survive. They were partially shielded by their surroundings, which consisted of other fallen buildings and radiation. They found other routes, which led them to the district's outside, enabling them to scavenge. For many years, this society, now known as New Andelburg, slowly rebuilt their lives. The radiation slowly withered, and ways were paved out of their settlement. This enabled raider tribes, which were thriving outside of the district, to gain entrance and raid the community. At first, the refugees were caught off guard. They did not expect such violent force to attack them. They managed to drive them off, but at huge losses. The Andelbergians had to prepare; they scavenged their surroundings for any forms of defense. They eventually managed to procure protectrons and small firearms as weapons. They were ready for the next raid.

2202-2278: Endurance

The city became a new target for every raider tribe in the area. They continued to engage wave upon wave of raiding parties, creating chaos among their friends and enemies alike. Year after year, their population declined. Their hard grasp for society only meant their end, as they refused to live like raiders. They continued to hold on to their city, until they were nearly wiped off by the raider tribes. Eventually, the raiders were halted by their resiliency. For the next three years, peace would help New Andelberg rebuild their society.

2281: Driven Off

New Andelberg was the oldest, and most experienced community at that time. They rebuilt their society slowly, picking up from the pieces they nearly lost from all the raider battles. If it hadn't been for their perseverance, they could have been part of the raider tribes like the Raptors, for instance. They gathered all of the resources they found from the wars, and started to live normally again.

One day, a huge caravan came knocking into their doorstep. It was headed by an aged man, pistol in hand. He declared the city to be his. The Andelbergians refused, finding his request to be ridiculous. The man then revealed his army, which was better equipped than their guards. They were terrified.

The men open-fired. They were caught by shock, since they were just experiencing peace for the first time in centuries. Many perished; only less than half of their original population managed to survive. In a matter of hours, they had lost a home that they held onto for centuries.

2282-2289: Forgotten

The New Andelbergians, only thirty left, were pushed out to survive the wastes. They were surprised to find that there were no longer raider tribes; just small communities trying to scrape by. They did not want to live in these existing communities, but to create their own instead; this was what their leader, Roderick Adowitz, thought. He was a third-generation Andelberg native, and was next in line to become New Andelberg's mayor. Instead, he found himself leading a group of misplaced people, looking up to him for a new future.

For years, they struggled to look for a place to call their own. They were pursued by Liberator "kill-squads," who hoped to wipe them off from the face of the wasteland. Thanks to their combat prowess, they proved to be a formidable force. But still, sacrifices were needed to be made. Just as they had endured the kill-squads, they were attacked by the Raptors, one of their worst enemies.

Out of desperation, Adowitz found a building compound far away from his enemies. Their anguish and grief made them forget about their surroundings; they more than tolerated the huge amount of nuclear waste near the compound. Adowitz thought that, as long as there is radiation, there is a shield. He wanted to live secluded from all of the cruelty the wasteland had given them.

They were only exposed to radiation temporarily; they managed to find a non-irradiated area near the compound. It wasn't long until they started feeling the sickness of radiation. In a matter of days, their skin started rotting off, and their voices started to deteriorate. Some even became mad. Before they knew it, they were ghoulified.

The Stargazers

Karma: Good

2078: The "Alien People"

A year after the bombs fell, something peculiar was going on in the space station. There was far too much radiation for the building to be safe, but somehow, there is activity happening in there. By the raiders' perspective, there are sparks and buzzing sounds emanating from the building. Some even caught glimpse of the people inside there: they wore round helmets, metallic suits, and carried giant backpacks behind them. The mystery, coupled with the radiation, made the Orbitron Space Station a secluded place.

2279: Wait and Return

Captain Horace van der Merwe was an astronaut tasked to launch the rocket the day the bombs fell. Just as he was about to commence the mission, the nuclear explosion thwarted his plans. He, along with all of his crew and the people that worked there, fell back to the bunker specially built by Boron-Tec Industries. After waiting a year, the crew re-emerged again to commence work. Their space suits could only resist so much radiation, that they were forced to go back to the bunker for safe measures. For two centuries, the Orbitron crew continued to live inside the bunker, occasionally (and secretly) leaving it to gather food for the coming years. Thanks to their expertise, they managed to live just inside the bunker for the two centuries to come.

Time passed, and the objective to launch the rocket became unclear. It got to the point that the actual objective was to just launch the rocket. Leadership was passed to the next descendant of the former captain, Jefferson van der Merwe. He, along with his generation, were educated by their elders about everything regarding astrological travel. Jeff had enough knowledge to launch the rocket, but didn't have a reason to do so.

2289: Commencing the Mission

For ten years, Jeff and his crew rebuilt their rocket, as it had decayed for the past two centuries. Still shrouded by the mystery they had received two hundred years ago, the crew operated in secret. Those sent outside wore disguises to not reveal where they originated. Luckily, most of them returned with the right components.

Throughout the years, Jeff slowly uncovered the former objective of his great grandfather. They were to board the "Big Star Man" to arm an orbital weapon developed by Poseidon Energy to use against their enemies, but were stopped by the bombs. Jeff, at first, wanted to arm the weapon himself; he could use this to bend the wasteland to his will. But as he learned in the course of the years, such a weapon would only create more war. He then decided to destroy it, and create something that will benefit people instead.

In the course of ten years, the rocket was finally finished. He couldn't have done it without his crew, and some others from the outside willing to help him. He was only missing one more important component: rocket fuel. Somehow, they were lacking this fuel for it was mysteriously extracted from their space station during their time underground. He is preparing to make a scavenging team to recover it, keeping in mind that it will take time.

Malbert's New Murphy

Karma: Evil

2286: Murphy District

The Murphy district was just located south of the financial district. It was harder hit by the bombs; there are more rubble on the streets from the buildings, the air was darker, and the whole district itself was barricaded by the fallen buildings. Still, a group of refugees called this home. They were, after all, kept safe from the raiders outside the city, who were terrorizing any and all that they can. For centuries, the refugees were forced to live like savages thanks to their city. The soot, which were a mix of ashes and dust, filled their lungs. Water was not only darkened by the atmosphere; it was heavily irradiated. Spaces were very minimal, as they were only made up of small crevices. The refugees never made it past to the middle age. They almost always were killed by the "smog," hunger, or by heavy irradiation. There was no hope for the city, until the Liberators showed up.

The Liberators discovered the district just as they had settled into the financial district. They wanted to use the small district as an example of their good will to the wasteland's settlers, whom they are trying to gain influence. Jonathan Barnabus, the supreme leader of the Liberators, instated the veteran lieutenant Wade Malbert as the town's mayor. He placed the first "Liberator police force" to patrol the town and "keep it safe." The "smog" was filtered by the air ventilators procured by the Liberators throughout their adventures. For a while, the Murphy district was saved.

2289: New Murphy

Malbert, clinging to his intentions, quickly transformed the town into his own image. He wanted it to serve as a place where anyone can take "cool off," so long as they had the caps. He established a liquor bar, a brothel, and an "arena" to attract them. As expected, business boomed. The liquor bar, ran by Rufus "Mad" Meddler, kept Liberator soldiers, mercenaries, and even raiders alike returning, flushing off their caps for experimental liquor. The brothel, ran by "Sweet Siren" Luisa, attracted men and women by large numbers. The "pit fight arena," which was established in the sewer, took the caps off its viewers carelessly as they made bets to see who will survive the violence. To further strengthen the economy, Malbert allowed chem dealers and liquor bootleggers to function in the streets, so that they can keep "customers" in the city for long periods of time, buying cheap chems and alcohol. The "sin city" Malbert had envisioned came to fruition quicker than he expected.

New Murphy, as bad as it was before, was now even worse than it was. Chem addicts ran the streets, mugging travelers for caps they can use for the cheap chems. Much of the soldiers, Liberators and mercenaries alike, went into debt and were forced to pay it off, in any way they can. Some even participated in the arena, risking their lives for good entertainment, and also kicking off the earned caps in the arena. Malbert's economy boomed, more so than the financial district.

The Miscreants

Karma: Evil

2283: Taking Form

Not much is known about the Miscreants. Some say they were a band of raiders who formed a group, consisting of Liberator deserters and Raptors alike. But it is difficult to tell; in certain instances, they fight like trained soldiers, while at other times, they attack like raiders. Lately, they only appear in special occasions, as if they were being paid for the job. Their equipment has also become more and more sophisticated. Rumor has it that they were Lazarus' "worst henchmen," but this is unconfirmed.

Ogden Countryside Homes

Karma: Good

2276: The Small Neighborhood of Ogden

A distant, small suburb neighborhood existed far east from the city of Andelberg. It stood there, untouched by the bombs for hundreds of years. Throughout the centuries, it has housed many; raiders, scavengers, refugees, and even army deserters. But for some reason, it never kept them staying there; perhaps it was the lack of activity around the neighborhood. But this was Erasmus Hanlon and his "good brother" Willy Belwether had wanted. They were scavengers, planning to retire due to their old age. When they discovered the neighborhood, they were greeted with the sound of blowing wind, and the warmth of the sun. It was the perfect retirement area.

2289: Peace

Erasmus Hanlon, planning to stay in the homes for the rest of his life, started herding his pack brahmin so that they can have food. He planted maize, pinto bean pods, and carrots in addition to the meat he is hoping to acquire. Willy searched for a clean water source and found it not too far from the area. He concluded that this came from the great Lake St. Joule, since it was the only non-irradiated water source in the wasteland. Erasmus and Willy sat in front of their crops and brahmin, looking into the horizon. Willy finally had a chance to play his "blues" guitar in peace.

In the course of ten years, Erasmus and Willy lived in peace. They never had any visitors until 2289. A 10-man group of city dwellers hailing from the west suddenly came into the neighborhood, not noticing the pair and taking some of the houses there. Erasmus and Willy cared less; they were too old to fight, anyway. It wasn't until two days that the group finally took notice of both of them, after catching a glimpse of the brahmin herd from a distance. The group's leader, and elder, Anita "Momma Jazz" Lunieska found them. She didn't need to explain her plans; Erasmus and Willy agreed that they can live with them. Anita was relieved, and promised that she will make a stronger community with the aid of her followers. As much as she wanted to form a government, Erasmus and Willy didn't want to be part of it. She then decided that they will all live like them, peacefully and with no worries.

Super Mutant Remnants

Karma: Neutral

2270: Entering the Wasteland

As the Master's army fell, numerous super mutants were displaced. Some of these mutants were Brad Garbrook, and Johan Mendenhale. Brad was a normal first-generation super mutant, while Johan was a nightkin. After their fated meeting, Brad and Johan formed a partnership, in hopes that they will be stronger. Together, they attacked brahmin herds, ambushed wandering soldiers, and committed other numerous yet minor terrorizing acts. But as time passed by, both of them became more and more enlightened. One day, Brad had a sudden revelation; he wanted to gather every single super mutant and teach them his "findings." Johan followed suit, acting as the second teacher.

Their vision led them to the Northern Wasteland, after ten years of aimless traveling.

2289: Mission

Brad, at first, thought that his task was going to be easy. But as it turned out, his new pacifist nature only made him a more open target against the people of the wasteland. He often found himself (and his partner) attacked by non-mutants. Due to the delays, Brad only managed to find a single super mutant, who was already heavily injured by some raiders. Johan specialized in medicine, but since he lacked the resources, he was unable to save the dying super mutant. Brad never felt as hopeless as he had when he was about to be dropped in the FEV vat. He ended up in a waste disposal plant, waiting for a year when "humans tolerated mutants." It turns out that they weren't the only ones there; a small faction of ghouls were also living in the plant. But to his surprise, the ghouls were more than tolerant about their presence; they wanted to form a "mutant" truce in which they will defend each other until the end. For a while, Brad's hope was restored. He, along with his faithful partner, are planning to gather all of the super mutants they can find to teach them the ways of "being a human again."

Levittson Arms Alliance

Karma: Neutral

2283: The Bunker

Travis and Trish Levittson, twins who operated their own arms caravan, were walking through the road when they entered the wasteland of Andelberg. After a series of unfortunate sales opportunities, all they could only hope for were good news. They walked the roads, passing by ruined houses, hills, and makeshift homes. Their tracks were stopped when they passed by a military outpost. They were greeted by an opened entrance, and a passageway that leads under ground. Travis saw this as a death sentence; Trish saw it as an important discovery. She tried her hardest pulling her brother into entering the passageway. Travis became even more apprehensive (and terrified) when he saw the remains of past scavengers, who died trying to deactivate the bunker's traps. Trish had a good feeling that they will find something down the road.

After tampering with a terminal in what looked like a very unusual room, Trish deactivated the turrets and saw room sealed by a vault-like door opened. She was indeed right; the room was filled with military-issued guns, explosives, and even gear. She had discovered an armory, thanks to her intuition. For a moment, Travis forgot about the corpses; he was awe-inspired to see all of the various loot. Even though the room wasn't completely stocked, they moved every item in that room into their brahmin pack: various rifles and pistols, combat armor sets, and numerous C4's and frag grenades. Everything, down to the raw material for ammo and a few gun schematics, were taken from the armory. The Levittson Arms Alliance was saved.

2284-2289: Business

The twins quickly got to work; they tried to mass-produce as much weapons as they could, taking the outpost as base of operations. They cleaned out the bodies and made room for their arms inside the bunker. Business was open.

In the first few months, a couple of caravans came by to conduct trade with ammo for more raw materials. At the third month, they were approached by the Liberators. They wanted to secure a manufacturing deal, making the Levittson Alliance their gun merchants. Travis agreed right away; Trish was apprehensive.

But the deal didn't last; after the first three weeks of their deal, Travis and Trish didn't meet the quota. To add to this, Travis observed the army; they looked like they will be using these weapons to take over the wasteland. Bitterness in the two sides met, and the deal was over. Travis resumed creating small amounts of weapons for caravans and the wasteland's locals, as well.

After years of steady sales, the twins decided to expand. Travis spotted a bustling caravan marketplace miles away from the outpost. Trish, having met her husband, made the outpost home and sent her brother to open shop in the trading post. Travis traveled to the post for three days, and quickly opened a store to trade his weapons. With Travis closer to caravan traders in the trading post, and Trish providing selling to the locals from the outpost, business was booming as ever.

The Coalition of New-World Robots (CNWR)

Karma: Neutral

2056-2077: Activation

In 2056, the Experimental Robotics Facility was finally unveiled to the public in Andelberg. Sponsored by Boron-Tec Industries, it served as a place where robots are tested and manufactured, at a smaller scale. The robots, varied from Mister Handies, protectrons, and other models, were to serve an assisting role in the city, as security, house aids, and many others.

The study of Artificial Intelleigence was an important aspect in the facility, required in nearly 90% of the robots. One such special case was "Project V13," in which the AI of a special Mister Handy was created for further "human cognitive abilities." After numerous tests, the project was a success; a Mister Handy capable of basic human reasoning came to existence. But before its full potential was to be realized, the bombs fell upon the city. As a result, the robots were stored below the building's level, so that they can be protected from the explosions and radiation. The building suffered major damage, but thanks to this, most of the computers were shielded by the fallen rubble.

2278-2289: Reactivation

For nearly two hundred years, the building remained untouched. Thanks to its unappealing appearance of fallen chunks of rubble and sealed entrance, scavengers and raiders ignored it. But unknowingly to them, the contents deep within the facility were in perfect condition.

The experimental Mister Handy, Romulus V-131211, awoken from hibernation mode and quickly started examining much of its surroundings. Constantly scanning, Romulus accidentally activated the exit lift, which took it to the ruined facility. Its curiosity grew, slowly examining the facility's damages. It halted when it scanned the mainframe computer, automatically resuming hibernation mode to gather all of the data, and to also warm up its AI.

After eight years of sleep, the robot finally awoke. It felt something different; it started talking to itself, and to the computer in front of it. Romulus was a new robot, his AI fully uploaded to his system. He reactivated the robots, and surveyed the building's damages. He summoned his allies, the "constructo-handies," to start work immediately. He wanted something more from the robots; a mind like his. He then developed a special brain wave frequence that would attract a mind similar to his; he did this via the mainframe computer, and quickly uploaded the signal. In a matter of days, a frail, white-haired scientist started walking the facility's grounds, with a curious look on his face. He led the scientist to the manufacturing zone, and asked him to update the robots' AI. The scientist agreed with no worries. Slowly, Romulus envisioned a wasteland where his robots roamed, recreating society and not making the same mistake as the humans did.

Other Inhabitants

There are various other inhabitants of the Northern Wasteland that aren't in a glorified faction.


Karma: Neutral

After hearing about civilization in the Northern Wasteland, caravans from different locations started to appear for a golden business opportunity. Many caravans were drawn to the Liberators, which is the largest community in the wasteland. They supplied them with weapons, food, clothing, and other necessities an army needed. As such, caravans constantly returned, not only for the Liberators, but also the Northern Wasteland's inhabitants.


Karma: ???

Small communities, groups of scavengers, raiders, and many others continued to live throughout the wasteland, be it before or after the bombs. They are spread out, usually found living in one of the settlements, or camping out in the wastes. Their motives vary; some are evil, while some are willing to do good.