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Libertarian Capital of Andelberg

Faction: The Libertarian Army

The Liberator City was once known as the Financial District of Andelberg, made up of numerous skyscrapers and smaller buildings. Before the Liberators, the original citizens before the war who took refuge in the bunkers lived here. It was in 2281 that they were driven out by Lazarus Finley, thus making room for the Liberators. The city, with its size, still bore untouched resources; most of them were found in the bunkers, stashed by the original Andelbergians. Resources outside the city include reusable building material, and even construction robots; with the right mind, these robots and machines can be used to repair much of the city. The district is shielded by rubble from fallen buildings, and the buildings themselves. Entrances were paved out by its former citizens from the post-war era.

Now, the area serves as the headquarters of the Libertarian Army. These include original Liberators, visitors from the Core Region, and others hailing from different locations. They are welcomed by the Liberators so long as their papers are processed, and are wearing the faction's arm-band; if not, they will be shot on sight. Small caravan stores and other places have found a home in the city, in certain pockets of the district. Electricity is channeled here through a distant power plant.

The financial district, along with the rest of Andelberg, makes up much of the western edge of the wasteland.

New Murphy

Faction: Libertarian Army, Northern Wasteland inhabitants

The Murphy District is located just south of the Financial District, isolated by the destroyed buildings. Compared to the Financial District, this place has seen more explosions. There are more destroyed buildings, and vaporized remains of its former citizens roam the area. The former natives of the district only made the place somewhat inhabitable, as it still had dirty and irradiated water sources and lack of electricity. Due to the conditions of the area, the long-time inhabitants have transformed into ghouls. Even though it was introduced to more civilized people, the Murphy district continues to remain a hazy location. Chem addicts and thugs roam the streets, hoping to make quick caps off unwary travelers. Chem dealers and alcohol bootleggers find the most business here. Mad Meddler's Roaring Tavern, the biggest liquor store in the wasteland, has found its home here. The "sewer fights" also make up much of the settlement's economical success.

Mad Meddler's Roaring Tavern

Rufus "Mad" Meddler, a friend of Malbert's, was hired to serve as the town's one and only liquor merchant. He was given a building near the town's entrance, so that customers can be attracted right away. Alcohol, ranging from beer and whiskey, to his own concoctions, are sold. This attracted numerous patrons, like mercenaries, Liberators, and even raiders. Fights were quite rampant inside the tavern, and so Meddler added the word "Roaring" in the tavern's name.

Sweet Siren Alley

A brothel was established in a pre-War apartment inside an alley, operated by "Sweet Siren" Luisa. Luisa suddenly emerged just as the tavern was established. The brothel is located deeper into the town.

Murphy Sewer Arena

A sewer deep within the district boar its own mutated creatures, in the form of giant rats, radroaches, and even feral ghouls. At first, they proved to be a force against Malbert's city cleaners, but eventually, they were all gathered in cages and were saved. They then proceeded to clear up the sewer's clutter, but were unsuccessful as they couldn't find the sewer's putrid air source.

The Murphians, not knowing how to get rid of the creatures, pitted them against each other in the makeshift cage they built. This somehow attracted a few patrons, paying caps to watch them fight. And so, the "sewer fights" were born. Creatures who were willing to fight, no matter what species, were placed in the cage, fighting for the entertainment of cap-payers. This also served a place for Liberator "debt-payers," usually those hailing from the tavern, to fight to pay off their debts. Caps from patrons were generated at a very high pace.

Ghoul Alley [working name]

The original inhabitants of the district, which consisted of ghouls, have been pushed back to a sizable alley distant from much of the district activity. Their size has been reduced by poor treatment and even murder, making the alley perfect for them. The alley, which is home to fifteen ghouls, isn't so different from the main district itself. What they only lack is more space to thrive in.

Andelberg Ruins

Faction: none

Out of the two districts, one was the hardest hit by the bombs. It attracts a storm of its own, still bearing the horrific memories of the past's nuclear warfare. Much of the city's roads are nearly covered by rubble, making it very hard to trek. There is little to no electricity, and the sky is covered by the fallen skyscrapers. As such, the ruins are quite dark even at daytime. Rumor has it that the ruins still bear a huge number of untouched resources of the pre-war, tht one can only imagine what they are. This attracts all kinds of people: scavengers, Liberator soldiers, raiders, and even Brotherhood scouting parties. But out of all the people that entered, only a few survived. Those that did couldn't talk about it. The ruins, ignored during the two centuries, still bears much mystery.

Highway 8

Faction: none

The highway, which was the pride of the city's architects, still remain in-tact today, thanks to its top-notch architecture. The highway starts in the entrance to the financial district, then passes by the Andelberg Ruins, ending nearby the town of New Murphy. The exit road leads to the countryside. There are two Liberator outposts in the entrance, and a scavenger pit-stop at the other end. Many ruined vehicles clutter much of the road.

The majority of the road was the only safe passage through the Andelberg Ruins, but as of 2208, it has become the most feared place. There are rumors that a sinister being walks the road; whoever crosses the being never lives to see another day.

Andelberg Scientific Research Facility

Faction: Science Team Remnants

The Andelberg Research Facility is located outside of city grounds, a little bit off the east. It is a single building consisting of five stories, and a few sub-buildings. The radiation that acted as a shield was completely absorbed by the building's new-generation scientists, most notably Doctor Eul Olesco.

Inside, numerous rooms in which experiments were performed are still found, but are nearly untouched. Only a few rooms are used; half of the facility is yet to be touched. Its inhabitants mostly consist of the building's bunker dwellers, who grew in population as they hid over the centuries.

Outside the grounds, the facility is protected by patrolling security robots, activated by Doctor Reed Fragmilius.

Boron-Tec Military Bunkers

Faction: Brotherhood of Steel Northern Wasteland Chapter

The bunkers were originally designed by Boron-Tec Industries to house soldiers and special commanders of the war. But according to the bunker's condition, not many of them made it. This became an ideal base of operations by the Brotherhood, and as such had taken refuge here.

All three bunkers initially housed the Brotherhood, but as time passed, only one bunker had room for all the remaining members.

The bunkers are located behind a few hills, at the far south-east of Andelberg city.

Orbitron Command Andelberg Branch

Faction: The Stargazers

The Orbitron Command was a command center intended only for the Hyperion R-4968 cannon, a man-made blast ray intended for use against the United States' enemies before the war. The center was to launch a rocket ship, named the "Astral Breather," where its astronauts will arm the laser against China, so that they can prevent them from launching the bombs (and also detonate them before launching). But this mission was never realized; the bombs dropped months before the intended date was to happen. In this emergency, Boron-Tec built bunkers inside the space station to keep its pilots and astronauts safe, so that they can resume the mission in the future if needed.

The nuclear explosions luckily happened at a far distance from the buildings. And so, it remained untouched, but it was badly damaged by radiation. Once the crew's descendants emerged, the toxic waste was cleaned, greatly decreasing radiation levels around the compound.

The "Stargazers," or the descendants of the original crew, resumed work on rebuilding the "Astral Breather," so that one day they can launch the rocket and disarm the dormant weapon once and for all.

The Orbitron Command center is located in the middle of the wasteland, slightly placed south-east to the country side.

Boron-Tec Family Bunkers

Faction: The Libertarian Outcasts

Boron-Tec, much like Vault-Tec Industries, built special bunkers intended for the mass population, so long as they can afford it. They only built a small amount of bunkers for Andelberg, focusing their efforts on more important buildings and facilities. One of these bunkers are located to the north-east of the wasteland, where it was hidden by a few hills. The two bunkers located there were supposed to house four families. But due to the error in estimating the date of fallout, the families never made it to the bunkers. Boron-Tec intended them to enter the bunker by 2078, a year after the actual war.

For years, the bunkers remained hidden, housing only a very small family of Great War refugees. Until then, nobody found the bunkers. It wasn't until 2289 that Christina Finley, a Liberator deserter, and her followers discovered the bunkers. They made these are their resting stations; they mostly spent their time on the surface, sitting nearby campfires and setting sleeping bags in hopes that they will meet more members. Christina used the bunkers' good condition for the sickly and the injured, as it provides a warm shelter for them.

Boron-Tec Power Plant

Faction: Libertarian Army

To provide much of the power for Andelberg, Boron-Tec collaborated with Poseidon Energy to build the one and only power plant. With the aid of the Scientific Research Team, the source of energy not only comes from the sun, running water, or coal; it comes from the core of nuclear energy found deep within the plant. After the massive explosions of the great war, the coal synthesizer was all but destroyed. Only a few solar panels survived, and the water cycler was deactivated. The lone, nuclear energy core is the only source running. Output wasn't as plentiful as before the war; it was only enough to power 58% of the wasteland. And so, the Libertarian Capital and other buildings outside it continue to receive running electricity.

The power plant survived the bombing thanks to its hidden defense mechanisms. A small ballistic missile system was to activate once it detects radiation; as a result, it detonated the bomb which was to drop two miles away from the plant. Thanks to this, the power plant ran for two centuries.

The plant takes form of a few satellite arrays and towers, an three buildings functioning as its operating center. There are two Liberator outposts that protect the plant. They have made use of the sentry bots as additional security, patrolling the inner and outer areas of the plant 24 hours a day.

The plant is slightly north-east of the Liberator Capital, near Lake St. Joules.

Experimental Robotics Facility

Faction: The Coalition for New-World Robots

As it was named, the robotics facility served as testing grounds for robots created to serve Andelberg. The successful tests were manufactured in the same building, but at a small scale. The robots are then shipped out to the city.

As the bombs fell, the robots studied there were shut down and stored down into the facility's inner storage level. For two-hundred years, the robots hibernated, untouched by life. The facility's ground level, suffering from the explosions, served as a deterrent for scavengers and raiders alike, due to its ruined appearance and blocked-off entrance. The rubble somehow protected some of the computers inside the facility, and still continue to function.

By 2278, a Mister Handy reactivated the lift from the storage level and discovered the mainframe computer. The Mister Handy then reactivated the computer, resuming yet another hibernation mode for another ten years. In 2288, the robot turned on the facility's "on switch," reactivating the computers and the sleeping robots there. The facility then underwent a small transformation: much of the rubble was cleaned, the entrance was re-opened, and some parts of the facility were reconstructed. Scavengers and Liberator soldiers came in to examine this sudden new activity, but were driven off by the hostile sentry bots patrolling near the entrance. Since then, nobody has found out what is happening inside the facility.

The facility is located at the far east of the financial district, in between the forbidden vault and the scrapyard.

Morning Glory Suburban Homes

Faction: Descendants of the Road Warriors

Due to the city's expected population, hundreds of homes were constructed to house its citizens. The suburbs stretched for miles, divided in two sections. They were planned to be the archetype of the typical American suburbian neighborhood, and so they were constructed by the past's leading architects. The homes were highly identical to each other, and were grouped in ten homes per block. There were a sheer amount built, that it never reached the expected population quota.

Due to its size, the suburbia was one of the bombs' main targets. As a result, almost 70% of the suburbia was bombed; the other half was completely wiped off the ground. By the end of the war, less than half of the surviving homes stood. For the coming centuries, it housed many of the wasteland's raiders, scavengers, and travelers.

By 2276, it housed the famed Road Warriors, who were planning to end their journey. And so, for the remainder of the time, their descendants have called it home, creating a community there. Some lived in the used homes, while others found the unoccupied homes that were only decayed by time. The homes are usually two-story, as space was quite lacking. Each had the same proportional lawn and backyard.

Morning Glory is located slightly west to the Andelberg Scientific Research Facility, far west of Andelberg city.

Lake Saint Joule

Faction: none

The lake, since before the war, has served as a vital resource for the city and wasteland itself. It provided the only water source that was local to Andelberg, as it was quite distant from other cities. In case of nuclear war, there was a water purifier that was to be built inside Joule's cave. By 2276, the scientist Andrea Julies Andelberg, a brilliant scientist and part of the Andelberg bloodline, designed and built the purifier, setting it to activate once radiation reaches the water. There were to be a team of scientists living in the cave, so that they can monitor the purifier once the bombs fall.

The scientists did what they were expected; once the purifier activated by itself, they set the levels to safely purify it and still make room for the wildlife that thrived in the water. They operated in secret, slowly withering as time took each one of them. But they couldn't let this be; one scientist researched a way to maintain the purifier for the centuries to come. As she was the last of the scientists to live, she continued to perform maintenance on the purifier, so long as she lived.

By 2289, the purifier was still in good shape. The scientist, starting to finally feel her age, was looking to make contact with the science facility miles from the lake.

The lake spans for many miles, covering much of the northern part of the wasteland. It has housed many mutated aqua-based life forms, mostly inhabiting the underwater areas. The cave remained to be secluded, housing only a few of these aquatic creatures.

Cave of the Spirit

Due to the lake's mysteries, a rumored "Spirit" is said to live in the cave, making the lake safe for consumption. The only way to the cave is through under water, leading to one of the hidden caves near the far edges of the lake.

The spirit is none other than the scientist Julie Zachausson, the last scientist of her team to survive. She researched a way to "ghoulify" herself, carefully conducting experiments in the cave. As a result, she lost some of her skin, but surprisingly, it was still smooth. She kept most of her hair, kept most of her voice, and lost most of her pupils but not her eyesight. She is a unique ghoul who still kept half of her former human self.

For nearly two centuries, Julie has continued to keep the purifier in good shape, constantly fixing leaks and cleaning the machine. Her work hasn't been interrupted by visitors, as she has never received any thanks to the mysteries surrounding the cave. She has found a way to mutually live with the mirelurks nesting in the cave, but it can only be kept for so long.

The Forbidden Vault

Faction: Unknown

Vault 9 was created by Vault-Tec Industries, aided by its Andelberg branch Boron-Tec, in order to house much of the city's dwellers as per request by its mayor. Hours before the bombs were to fall, the mayor and its citizens were to be allowed entrance to the vault. Unknowingly to them, they were part of an unclear experiment.

For 200 years, the vault remained sealed. The area around it grew more and more mysterious, as there was no activity found. Its presence was noticed by 2254; whoever went near the vault's proximity never made it out. Thus, it earned the nickname the "forbidden vault," warning those that go near it to avoid it, so that their lives can be saved.

The forbidden vault claims much of the territory at the far south-east of Andelberg, at the edge of the wasteland.

The Raptor's Den

Faction: The Raptors

The Raptors were heavily pushed back to the far south-east corner of the wasteland. There, they found a blank landscape, full of wasteland creatures, trees, and rocks. They gathered as much scrap that they can scavenge, so that they can call this blank landscape their new home.

The landscape spans a few miles, housing all of the existing Raptors. Makeshift houses with or without roofs, crudely made tents, campfires, sleeping bags, shacks, and the like scatter across the landscape, protected by a wall of sheet metal. Crude towers made out of scrap metal and road signs are placed on each of the entrances. A main camp fire is located in the middle of the den, used for meetings and gatherings. Construction is still constant, as Raptor raiders continue to bring in scavenged scrap.

Andelberg Scrapyard

Faction: none

Located far north of the forbidden vault, the scrapyard serves as a place for disposed junk, and public ground for scavenger encampments. The scrapyard is heavily cluttered with rusted metal, be it from before or after the war. Numerous technology lie hidden in the scrapyard, and are yet to be found. Liberators have tried to regulate the scavenging in the scrapyard, but the scavengers themselves remained stubborn.

The scrapyard is rectangle in shape, and is fenced by an aging metal fence from before the war. Numerous construction vehicles rise above the scrapyard, rusted by time and lack of use.

Boron-Tec Waste Disposal Plant

Faction: The Forgotten

The disposal plant is mostly made up of fields of chemical waste, in the form of barrels and dumpsters. The waste is scattered all across the plant, fenced in by a tall gate. Numerous feral ghouls, ranging from unfortunate scavengers to former members of the Forgotten, roam around the waste. The thick smoke creates a dark, hazy atmosphere, and the waste's bright glow provides light.

A plant, consisting of a few chimneys, one giant cooling tower, and a few containment buildings are located a mile from the waste. Some of the buildings house much of the Forgotten. Two super mutants have set up camp in the back of the plant, hid by a cement wall.

The plant is located south-east of the Andelberg Scientific Research Facility, near the Tribecka Mountains.

Little Charlie's Drive-in Marketplace

Faction: Various

Named after the creator's son, Little Charlie's was a pre-War drive-in favorite. As such, it has expanded to two drive-in areas. Also, a few gas-stations and a diner is placed near the drive-in. The end of Highway 8 passes by the drive-in, interconnecting a few roads from the city and the countryside.

The drive-in, due to its sheer open space, became a pit-stop and marketplace for caravans. Only the caravans themselves control the marketplace itself. Anyone that causes trouble are shot on sight by the majority.

Due to the frequent visits of caravans, some caravan owners have taken camp here.

Levittson Arms Alliance Caravan Post

Travis Levittson has placed a branch of his sister's business here, selling guns. He is located at the north-west corner of the drive-in. Caravans constantly visit him to conduct trade with raw material. Travis then sends this material to his sister, so that the guns can be processed.

Levittson Alliance Outpost

Faction: Levittson Alliance

Before the war, the outpost was a base of operations for the military stationed there. They have created an armory that stashes much of their weapons, in case a battle breaks in the city. But since the bombs fell, the military failed to use the arms and have left them there. Defense mechanisms in the form of turrets were created, so that theft could be easily prevented.

The security was to last two centuries, taking post-apocalyptic scavengers as victims. Those that have managed to deactivate them died from their own wounds. The only successful discovery of the outpost was by the Levittson Alliance.

The outpost's entrance is not very obvious; it is a blank, abandoned building with a hidden passageway inside. The passageway is filled with pre-War computers and radars, decayed and deactivated by time.

The outpost is located north-west of the Andelberg Scientific Research Facility.

Boron-Tec West Office

Faction: Unknown

Not much is known about the building, other than it serving as a small headquarters for the company, Boron-Tec Industries. The bunker's construction plans were kept here, and the vital parts of the bunker are shipped here. Due to the office's small size, it was placed into the city. As the bombs fell, it became part of the destruction.

Due to it being caved in by other buildings, the office still stands in near stable condition. It is located deep within the Andelberg Ruins, serving as the only light source. There is a rumor that a few people are housing in the office, but there hasn't been anyone able to reach it to confirm it.

Tribecka Mountains Camping Ground

Faction: none

The mountains of Tribecka was located at the far south-east of Andelberg city, a few miles near the Raptor's Den. It was a popular camping ground before the war, thanks to its big open space and lush forest landscape. There are caves located at the higher mountains, far away from the actual camping grounds. Due to the mountain lions living in the caves, the camping grounds only opened during the beginnings of spring season.

Since the mountains lacked human activity, it was not targeted by the bombs. And so, it remained untouched for the coming two centuries, serving as camp grounds for raiders and scavengers. But since 2247, the grounds have become a mysterious, dangerous place filled with creatures from "before the bombs," as the locals called it.

Northern Wasteland Radio Tower

Faction: none

A radio station was established at the Andelbergian countryside, away from the city. Jacquelyn Meszler, the radio station's host, has grown fed up with city life, and decided to broadcast where the environment is quiet and peaceful. And so, she had the station built near some of the suburb homes.

But as the bombs fell, Andelberg radio station was thought to be wiped off the map. It wasn't until 2203 that the station's signal resumed, with a new "host." Music suddenly buzzed through radios, puzzling its listeners as to where the source is. The signal came from nothing but a slanted tower that roots to the ground, on top of a hill in the countryside. And yet, the host's voice can be heard as if she was talking like it was 2033. The Northern Wasteland radio station, as it was named, continues to serve as the wasteland's source of music for the post-apocalyptic centuries.

Olescan National Forest Grounds

Faction: Unknown

A small research shack standing in one of the mountains in Tribecka stood, placed near a forest filled with trees almost covering the sun. The shack served as a station for scientists examining the flora and fauna of the forest, conducting experiments safely in the shack. Science equipment, ranging from chemistry sets to computers, were placed in the shack.

Once the bombs fell, portions of the forest were struck by bombs. The sheer damage, coupled with the radiation, gave the forest a grim future ahead. For the next two centuries, the forest slowly died, transforming into desolate ground. By 2203, the forest, down to dying trees, served as camping grounds for a few scavengers and raiders.

It wasn't until 2278 that the land's potential was discovered. A scientist with a pack brahmin arrived, surveying the ground before him. He kicked off the ruined "Andelbergian Forest Reserve" sign, and started unpacking in the nearby shack that was forgotten two-hundred years ago. For the next two years, the scientist conducted experiments, with the occasional small explosion and smoke results.

By 2281, the most unusual sight stood before the desolate ground: large trees covered in moss, green grass, smaller plants, blooming flowers, moss-covered rocks, and green bushes covered the ground. The shack, which was the only thing standing three years before, was nearly covered by all of the flora. A new crudely-made sign saying "Olescan National Forest Grounds" stood, covered in moss as if it has stood there many years. Curious visitors were attracted by the sight, venturing down the forest to find what lies beneath. Not one of them returned. The "new" forest, now feared by the locals and travelers thanks to the signs they put up, continues to become a mystery, spreading growth throughout the wasteland.

South Andelberg Den [working name]

Faction: Den villagers [working name]

A small community in the corner of the wasteland has survived throughout the Great War, seeing as much of the wasteland's history as New Andelberg. And yet, it remains to be ignored, as its scale isn't big like the city, and it is well-hidden by the distorted shape of the ground. Though it has received its share of raider attacks, it remains to stand today; just not in a grander scale. The raiders of back then took the settlement piece by piece, until they themselves were finally driven off by the community's angry villagers. But the series of attacks won't stop when a small Liberator army hoped to make the city its first successful colony. The community, harnessing a combat capability in match with theirs, were the first to provoke war with the army. In a desperate attempt for independence, the community's one and only army sacrificed themselves to send a message to the new regime that they are not welcome in their town. Their braveness has since then scared the army for years to come.

Now, the community functions as a dust bowl town, its people just trying to live through post-apocalyptia, waiting for death to grasp them. The community's new generation has tried their hardest to revive their community, but always fail; they lack the proper resources and skills for such a task. The town only remained mysterious to travelers, and dead to caravaneers; it's as good as a free hotel to them. The community has housed some of the wasteland's strangest occurrences, such as a new cult emerging east of them, and a garden growing plants strange to the locals, its life source unknown.