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Hello, reader. This will display the general storyline and possible lore of my wasteland. If you can't find it in your heart to read the two faction pages, then this is the place for you. Other than that, this is also to help you create an idea of why the characters and locations are there.

An important thing to note that, like all of my other blogs, this can, and will change in the future.


The Northern Wasteland was situated somewhere in the middle of the West Coast. There the city of Andelberg stood, a city that was finished in the year of 2058. Vault-Tec Industries launched a sub-company mainly just for the city named Boron-Tec Architectures. Aside from supervising much of the city's engineering, it also had an experiment in mind; the creation and testing of bunkers, cheaper alternatives to vaults. Aside from the bunkers, Andelberg also housed a rich scientific research team, dominating much of the citizens' lives thanks to their many experiments. Little did the citizens know that the team was also there to expect the inevitable; the upcoming Great War. By the year 2077, many had already taken refuge in the bunkers Boron-Tec had built, though they had forced their entrance due to an error in the sub-company's estimation of the nuclear bombs. And so, many bunkers that were forcefully opened were damaged, not saving the refugees inside it as the bombs fell.

Some bunkers opened much sooner than expected; most of them were opened due to the bunkers' flaws. Some were just forcefully re-opened, so society could resume. A certain few remained sealed for the two centuries to come.

The earliest civilizations that arose were those of the Financial District, and many bunkers located in the suburbs and other undeveloped areas. The most successful of them was New Andelberg; original citizens of Andelberg itself that emerged a year after the bombs fell. Taking root in an area safe from radiation, the post-apocalyptic society quickly flourished, as it housed many self-sufficient individuals. But the other post-apocalyptic societies would soon catch wind of this, eventually erupting the centuries-long Raider Wars.

For the years to come, New Andelberg wouldn't see peace; they would constantly be under battle with small raider factions, post-apocalyptic societies that emerged shortly after them. While the battles raged, raider societies slowly started to advance, eventually forming larger raider factions. This would eventually lead to a raider civil war, in which a prominent dynasty would emerge; the Raptor raiders. This faction quickly absorbed weaker raider factions, until they themselves had a sizable force to battle New Andelberg. But it would be harder than expected; remnants of citizens the Raptors had ignored had established small societies themselves, deviating from raider life. With the Raptors' unity shattered into small pieces, New Andelberg saw less raider attacks. This, along with the unity of the outer post-apocalyptic societies emerging, kept the Raptors at bay. The peaceful societies are now able to conduct trade, also opening up many trade routes from other wastelands.

With the Northern Wasteland safer by the year 2281, caravans and other wasteland groups slowly started to enter. The most prominent of these groups would be the Liberators, a hundred-man faction originating from the NCR. They were headed by the former lieutenant Edgar Barnabus, along with his colleague and good friend Lazarus Finley. Together, the Liberators had hoped to start a new post-apocalyptic society, in which they wish to "liberate" other societies from tyranny and fear. But things were to turn for the worse, when Lazarus Finley overthrew Edgar Barnabus from leadership. With Edgar banished, Lazarus Finley had envisioned something different; the chance to start a new military power that would rival the NCR. He searched for a place to start his dream; the perfect location being New Andelberg.

The New Andelbergians had just reconstructed their society for three years when the newly named Libertarian Army came into their doorstep. There, Finley took advantage of the New Andelbergians' current predicament and massacred its people, pushing the citizens away from their safe haven. There, Finley took the existing resources and further strengthened his military force, in order for the "Northern Wasteland campaign" to commence.

For the next eight years, the Liberat Army launched campaigns to spread influence in the wasteland. Finley had managed to fight his wars thanks to his army's impeccable training, toppling weaker settlements and raider bands. With this power, Finley had also been able to gain recruits from the other settlements, ensuring them "safety and a better future." With the Liberat Army growing, the Raptor raiders were slowly pushed east.

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