Creator's Note

This is going to house the dangerous threats one may encounter in my wasteland. It is under heavy construction.

Do note, that things will definitely change in the future.


Spearplant Species

The spearplant is a new breed of plant emerging in the Olescan forest grounds. The experiments conducted their caused the forest to grow at a rapid rate, creating new mutations of plants. The most prominent of them all is the spearplant species, serving as the forest's guard. They are mostly responsible for all of the deaths of travelers in the forest, and also for Olesco's imprisonment.

Spearplant seedling

The seedling is the first stage of the plant, bearing the form of a spear's tip with two hind legs. It has an olive-green color, with a tough exterior shell. The seedling goes in the process of searching for the perfect ground to nest in, or the ideal "host" to thrive in. When it roots into the ground (with its sharp point), it grows into two subspecies of plants. When it infects a host (by stabbing its point through the host's upper body area), the seedling takes control of the host's lifeless body.

Spearplant Flower

The spearplant flower is one of the seedling's possible mature forms. It is a flower as tall as an average human beings. Its petals vary in different warm colors. As a defense mechanism, the flower's stigma unleashes an invisible toxin, capable of putting those that made contact into a coma.

Spearplant Greeneater

The spearplant greeneater is the other mature form of the seedling, less common than the flower. It is highly similar to a milk thistle plant, with a size comparable to a human being. It has two tentacular "hands" on each side. The spear-like "hands" act as a defense mechanism, attacking any living thing that is not a plant.

Feral Ghouls

Feral ghouls were once ghouls who lost their ability to reason, resorting to savage instincts. The ghouls found in the Northern Wasteland mostly came from the waste disposal plant. Others were former survivors of the Great War. Other than the standard feral ghouls, there are a few notable variants found in the wasteland.

Feral Ghoul Fleshrender

This variant of feral ghoul has been quite common in the wasteland, for reasons unknown. It usually wears some form of armor ranging from raider armor to leather armor. The fleshrender doesn't like its presence to be noticed, and so it barely grumbles or roars, and prefers to attack when their victims are not looking. Fleshrenders are also capable of crippling their opponents much faster than feral ghouls, in order to ensure their victims' inescapable fate. It is unknown as to how it is, but the fleshrender only attacks with one arm, doubling its damaging swipes' rate of injury.

The Shadowcreepers

Shadowcreepers, also called shadowmen, or "darkened" ghouls, are a special form of ghouls found only in the Andelberg Ruins. The ruins' environment, consisting of thick, ashen air, radiation, and lack of sunlight, had caused the survivors of the city scape to become imprisoned there. The survivors, who hid in the buildings as the bombs fell, suffered from the radiation. The ruins' lack of space and rubble ground made no space for breathing; this forced the survivors to mostly crawl and crouch. As the centuries passed, the survivors-turned ghouls became more accustomed to their surroundings, disfiguring their postures. The thick air and the ash that blew had covered their skin, forming a dark color. The lack of sun, as it had been blocked by the fallen skyscrapers, made them fearful of light. They also adapted the ability to see through the dark, evident in their glowing eyes.

Shadowmen have made the small spaces of skyscrapers their homes, awaiting their victims as they hide in the shadows. Their yearning for human flesh continues to grow, as visitors of the ruins are very rare. They have even resorted to killing their own ranks, decreasing them in number.

The Lost Soul

In 2204, a mysterious entity emerged in Highway 8. Before the entity appeared, Highway 8 was used as a safe passage from the Andelberg Ruins. But since then, the highway has become a feared place, growing more and more mysterious by the day.

The most common rumor there is that a "bad spirit" patrols the highway, killing anything that gets near it. One survivor who lived to tell the tale had the clearest picture; it was a feral ghoul. Somehow, when encountered, the ghoul thickens your sight with darkness, as if a storm had just arrived. You are only able to see its glowing eyes, as everything else is too dark. It strikes in rapid succession, each strike adding to your physical and mental pain. The ghoul appeared to wear darkened rags and a certain piece of leather armor.

The survivor died shortly after he revealed his tale. Some said his injuries were actually a curse, that the soul's presence must not be revealed. Nobody had ever acknowledged the entity since then.

Other Wasteland Creatures

The wasteland is home to many wasteland creatures, such as mole rats, coyotes, radscorpions, giant rats, and the like. There are also deathclaws, but they are quite rare and are scattered all across the wasteland.

Yan Wu (working name)

A species of mountain lions were said to be found living in the caves of the Tribecka Mountains. It is unknown if the lions were wiped out by the bombs.

By 2203, an unknown, ferocious species emerged from the caves, terrorizing travelers that have set camp in the Tribecka Mountains. These creatures appear to strike with such precision and strength, that survivors were rare. These creatures were the mutated mountain lions, somehow experiencing irradiation and surviving it.