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Notable Characters


Jonathan Barnabus

Age: 28 Race: Caucasian (German/American)

Jonathan Barnabus is the son of Edgar Barnabus, the man who formed the Liberators. At the young age of 14, his father's knowledge about the military was passed onto him. His father's friend, Lazarus Finley, further enriched him with military training, thus creating his fascination for commanding an army and earning the name "prodigy". He was fit for this role, as he had natural charisma and eagerness. When his father decided to lead the Liberators to the wasteland, he rallied the youth to follow. This would be his first training as the Liberators' future leader.

When his own father was exiled, he was made to choose between him and his teacher, Lazarus. He chose Lazarus, disowning his father because of his "pacifist" ideals. Lazarus placed him as his adoptive son and second-in-command. When his adoptive father died, Jonathan fulfilled his promise and became the leader of the Liberators. He commands the army and represents the people, although he is more focused on his military force like Lazarus was. He wished to take a more active role, posing himself as the "future" of the Northern Wasteland through spreading ideals and posters of his army. For now, he focuses on increasing his ranks and bulking them up, in any way possible.

Christina Finley

Age: 26 Race: Caucasian (Scottish/American)

Christina Finley is the daughter of Lazarus Finley, a former NCR lieutenant and Edgar Barnabus's best friend. A natural humanitarian, she found her "uncle" Edgar more interesting when he lectured about human affairs. She loved her childhood friend, Jonathan, but as she saw him betray his own father and her mentor, her feelings were buried down.

After being imprisoned in the Liberator capital for years, she decided to escape and form her own faction, following her mentor's true ideals. She constantly sent agents to gain more members, hoping that she will one day overthrow Jonathan from leadership. For now, she carefully operates in a set of bunkers far away from the Liberator capital, waiting for the perfect day to strike.

The Raptors

Lysle "Bonegrinder" Donague

Age: 25 Race: Caucasian (Brazilian/American)

Lysle Donague is the daughter of the previous Raptor leader. Due to his sudden death, she was made to lead the tribe at a young age. She fulfilled her father's expectations, rebuilding the tribe in the face of annihilation and bringing it back to power again. Her beauty, coupled with her leadership, earned her the name "Raptor queen." She treasures her tribe over anything, wishing for nothing but their survival.

Lysle earned the name "bonegrinder" due to her violent way of punishment; she would torture a captive to the point that they are nothing but bones. She then grinds these bones to ash, then mixes it with alcohol and drinks it.

Northern Wasteland Scientific Research Team

Miriam Hansheng

Age: 59 Race: Asian (Chinese/American)

Miriam was the daughter of two second-generation scientists from the Andelberg Science Facility. She was born under the bunker, becoming part of the third and final generation to live there. Like their generation before them, her parents decided to pass on their knowledge to her, learning much about the fields of medicine and technology. She was told that one day, she will emerge above the surface to resume their work, for the benefit of the wasteland. Together, with two other scientists, she would head the new-generation science team.

As they emerged, Miriam was already aware of the technology around her. She examined for more sources of creating medicine, as her parents wished her to do so. She wanted to fulfill the team's objective by helping the wasteland one good deed at a time, using the food synthesizer and water modulator they had under the bunker.

But her expectations were to be shattered. Finding her colleagues leaving her, she was left to work on the objective by herself. She thought she had found help when a small group calling themselves the "Liberators" came to the facility. They came for the food synthesizer, hoping to use it to "help out the wasteland." She was relieved, having found extra help from the wastelanders. But her expectations were shattered, when the Liberator soldiers forcibly extracted the machine. The machine, in the process, was shattered piece by piece. They left the facility without regret, promising Miriam that they will solve the problem. But Miriam was too angered to have such an important machine to be destroyed in an instant.

As they had promised, the Liberators returned shortly after, with a few envoys. They brought along their own resources in hopes that Miriam will repair the machine, or work on something similar. They even set up an outpost nearby the facility, in order to monitor Miriam closely. As much as she wanted to turn the robots onto the soldiers, she did what she was told. She pretended to work on the machine, waiting for the moment she could drive them away.

Angus Fragmilius

Age: 63 Race: African-American

Angus, much like Miriam, was born to two second-generation scientists. He was mischievous as a child, constantly messing with the robot assistants down below the bunker. His parents saw it as a natural gift; and so they taught him everything about robotics and technological research.

As they emerged from the bunker, Angus quickly started to work. He reactivated every single robot in the facility, putting much of the security force to work. Thanks to him, sentry bots constantly roam the facility, protecting them from any possible invaders.

While he was looking more into energy weapons, a sudden urge in his mind forced him to exit the facility to look for a building. He eventually found this building after walking for miles; it had construction robots working around it. There, a Mister Handy greeted him, promising him that he has much work to be done. He was then placed deep within the building, unconsciously typing on the terminals and using the tools to create more robots.

Eulesis Olesco

Age: 64 Race: Hispanic (Venezuelan/American)

Eulesis was the earliest to be born from his colleagues. His parents were part of the "food synthesizer" project, working in the synthesizer's construction and food processing. They taught him much of biology, with emphasis in the field of botany.

Eulesis had hoped to plant trees when they emerged in the bunker. He quickly went into the research of creating plant seeds that grow without the heavy reliance for water and sun. The facility's entrance grounds would be his test.

After a few years, his experiment was a success; the facility had two mature trees growing near the entrance. He then decided to expand upon his research, after hearing of a shack near the Tribecka mountains.

He packed up his equipment, and promised Miriam that he would return to fulfill his team's mission after he conducts this experiment. He then traveled to the forest grounds, where he found it to be nothing but a desolate land. He unloaded all of his equipment in the shack, and went to work for the next three years.

Eulesis appeared to be successful by 2281, as the desolate ground he once stood on was filled with nothing more than overgrown plants and trees. For the next few years, he examined the biology that had occurred there. But as time grew longer, he became a prisoner to his own experiment; some of the plants have mutated and started thinking on their own, attacking anything that is human. And so, Eulesis remained stuck there, unable to help the curious travelers that crossed his forest. He still waits for assistance to get him out, conducting his own experiments to harm only the hostile plants, and not the forest itself.

Euretheon [working name]

Age: 12

During 2276, just when a few scavenging parties went out from the science facility, a large, peculiar egg was sitting in the wasteland, claimed by nobody. It is unknown where it came from; it may have been from a deathclaw family, a creature trader, or a present from the sky. One thing was certain, though; it was free of ownership.

The egg was found by one of the scavengers, and were returned for the science team to examine it. Miriam, together with Eulesis, examined the egg; it was large, slightly oval-shaped, and pale brown. Just where did this egg come from? The rest of the team were just as curious; it looked more like food. Angus supported their idea; he wanted to make "scrambled eggs for everyone" with the size of that egg. Miriam was indifferent, since she didn't even know what the egg was. But Eulesis disagreed with the rest of them; as much as he is a party pooper, he saved the egg from turning into food.

For the next few months, he tried to identify what species the egg was. He was quite limited, since he was still afraid of venturing the rest of the wasteland. And so, he had scavenging teams look for eggs of similar appearance. What Eulesis thought would take months, only took him two weeks to discover what the egg was. One scavenger who didn't return with the rest of her members found out what the egg was, but the hard way; it was a deathclaw egg. Eulesis has heard of deathclaws, being the most ferocious creatures to live the wastes. He apologized to the scavenger (to whom she quickly accepted, as they didn't expect to end up in a deathclaw nest), and continued to conduct research on how to incubate the egg carefully. This somehow sparked his motivation to go outside, to observe the deathclaw's interesting behavior. He would set up one trip, in hopes of reaching the nest despite the scavenger's numerous warnings. Eulesis had stayed inside far too long; it's time for him to risk his life.

He traveled all the way to the nest, which was miles away from the facility. He was in luck; he found a comfortable vantage point from the nest, safe from much of the deathclaws' view. But his research was completely lacking; the deathclaws didn't show any unusual type of behavior around the egg. To add to this, he was forced to flee when a few deathclaws caught wind of his presence. He ran as fast, and as silently as he could from the nest, so sure that he was being chased by two deathclaws. He reached the facility safely, much to the relief of everyone.

His efforts were useless, as he barely gathered any data regarding deathclaw egg incubation. But he sure knew what creature would spawn from this egg; a tall, ferocious monster with sharp talons and an unfriendly disposition. For the next three years, Eulesis conducted the most careful research he had undertaken. He constantly monitored the egg, as if it was an actual infant. Thanks to the help of his colleagues, the egg was ever closer to successful incubation. In 2277, the shell finally started to shatter; a small, dark-brown deathclaw emerged from it.

Eulesis wanted to approach it at first, but the deathclaw already had its killer instincts. As a result, Eulesis suffered some minor scratch injuries the first few months it was born. He continued to work on the infant deathclaw's trust, trying numerous attempts, and slowly, progress was made. By the first year, Eulesis had managed to create a mutual friendship with the deathclaw. But still, the friendship was unstable; the small deathclaw would have some ticks of violence, giving Eulesis even more scratch injuries. But it didn't stop him.

Eulesis decided to expand his horizons, setting his eyes on a shack near a desolate forest. He brought along his deathclaw pet, whom he named Euretheon, as company; this turned Eulesis a repellant for raiders and opportunists alike, since they've never seen a deathclaw following a human before. Euretheon was also starting to get taller, reaching half of an adult deathclaw's normal stature. After numerous delays of Euretheon running off to get food creature and human alike, the pair managed to reach the shack. Before conducting Eulesis' main experiment, he wanted to earn Euretheon's complete trust first. There he further expanded his knowledge of training, now with space to think. He used the chemical given to him by Miriam and the metal braces Angus had created for him as aids. The chemical surprisingly made Euretheon more stable around Eulesis' presence; the braces constantly reminded him of his partnership with him. Slowly, but surely, Euretheon became the ideal deathclaw bodyguard for Eulesis.

As he conducted his experiments, Euretheon served as the shack's guard. He fended off some raiders, and scared most of them off. Thanks to this, Eulesis managed to experiment in peace. But it wasn't to last, when large flora started overgrowing in their wakes. Eulesis was forced to flee into his shack, away from the sudden violent plant life. Euretheon paved him a safe way, slashing to the spearplant creatures to keep his partner safe. They both ended up in the shack, stranded by the shear amount of plant life and hostiles alike. Eureotheon, stranded with his partner, wished to protect him until the end.

The Stargazers

Jefferson van der Merwe

Age: 52 Race: African-American

Jefferson was the descendant of Horace van der Merwe, the rocketship's captain. Jefferson was born under the bunker, waiting to exit it so that they can resume the objective. Everything Horace had known was passed down onto him, so that the rocket ship's launch is ensured. Due to this, he has become the team's leader. He was to arm the blast ray still orbiting the earth, for uses unknown.

At first, he had wanted to use the blast ray for his own rise to power. But then after seeing the wasteland that he stood on, he decided that the blast ray had no purpose; after all, he didn't want to create yet another apocalypse. And so, he has hoped to launch the rocket in order to destroy the powerful weapon, and salvage the materials so that he can use it for something else.

And so, he has monitored the repair of the rocketship "Astral Breather," as it had been decayed by time. Once he has all of the required parts, his team will launch to space in order to fulfill a new, more peaceful objective than his predecessors had.

Brotherhood of Steel Northern Wasteland Chapter

Elder Parker Maddox

Age: 62 Race: African-American

Maddox was a High Scribe and good friend of Elder Hanbitt's. He has aided him in planning for the scavenging in the Northern Wasteland, gathering the recruits and helping the scouting of bunkers.

As the search parties were unsuccessful in procuring technology, Maddox saw less work. Instead, he surveyed the database already found in the bunkers, but found nothing of interest.

It wasn't until Hanbitt's death that his role was needed. He was anguished about his death, and made a promise to himself that he will pull out the Brotherhood from this chapter. He took the name of Elder, as Hanbitt had wanted. He currently guide the Brotherhood's preparation to leave the wasteland, arranging for disguised Brotherhood members to conduct trades for food and supplies.

Head Paladin Thomas Yoshigure

Age: 41 Race: Asian (Japanese/American)

Thomas was brought along by Hanbitt to become Head Paladin of his chapter. He is stern, tolerating laziness at the lowest. He is in charge of the supplies, and most of the scouting parties that were sent. He also trained most of the members that were brought along in the chapter. He also led against the Liberator campaign battles, being victorious in most of those battles.

When much of the scouting parties started to vanish, he felt disappointed in himself for not training them enough. But as his former elder and fellow members perished, he remained to be strong. Now, he is left in commanding much of the members of the chapter. He even participated in some of the trades, acquiring ammunition for their weapons. He has maintained his tough disposition, and will shoot any trespasser without hesitation.

Knight Leneya Il-Ahmradh

Age: 24 Race: Asian (Iranian/American)

Leneya was once a Knight placed to work on the bunkers' maintenance. She was not sent to scout, and was thus saved, like most of the surviving members. She participated in some of the Liberator battles, with her trusty plasma pistol. She has become injured in one of the battles, and has been made to stay in the bunker to recover.

Since the Great Collapse, Leneya was tasked with conducting trades outside the bunker. She is frequent in the Marketplace, constantly returning there to gather as much food as possible. She has grown accustomed to the outside world, even forgetting that she's a Brotherhood member at times.

Paladin Trevor Marschall

Age: 29 Race: Caucasian

Trevor was a paladin brought along by the post-elder Hanbitt. He was a capable warrior, earning his rank through participating in many battles. During his time in the Northern Wasteland, he was nearly signed off as a scavenging party team leader, when a last minute change was made by Yoshigure. He was glad to be reassigned, as he later found out that the team leader, along with his party, never returned to the bunker.

Just as the technology scavenging was in progress, invasions of the bunker were also common. Trevor was one of the active guards on duty, patrolling the bunker's entrance for the majority of the months. He saw nothing but action everyday, killing raiders and soldiers alike. As part of the armed guard, he was forced by the Elder to salvage what he could find from their victims. There he created some skill for using a standard gun, as opposed to an energy weapon.

With his service, he was forced to stay back in the bunker when the Elder himself took the responsibility of stopping the attacks once and for all. He was disappointed at first, not serving the Elder at such an important time of need; but seeing how his skill was needed in the bunker, he was content.

He was hard-hit when he found out the Elder was never to return. At first, he nearly lost hope, but after a few days of seeing the bunker function, his hope was restored. He returned to his original role of guarding the bunker, but without his friends to accompany him.

He is part of the Brotherhood guard that is to protect them when they are leaving the wasteland.

Knight Lumiero [working name]

Age: 24 Race: Hispanic

Lumiero is a skilled technician that was part of the team who repaired the bunkers up to inhabitable condition. Lumiero is mysterious among the Brotherhood, but nobody seems to question his background when he suddenly comes up with a few cigarette packs and some whiskey to share. He was lucky to not be assigned to the scavenging teams, as he had always hoped. Some say he struck a deal with Yoshigure, but he himself rejects this.

After the Great Collapse, Lumiero was part of the disguised trading team assigned by Maddox to gather food and supplies. Lumiero saw this chance; he was to make the biggest sale of his life. He secretly conducted a small trade behind his colleagues, selling the bunkers and the equipment found there for a hefty price. The first trader he attracted was a Liberator agent, who was impatient with the sale. He wanted to wait for the Brotherhood to leave the bunkers, so that everything can be taken without trouble. He has yet to figure out how to leave the equipment behind, since it'll be the bulk of the Brotherhood's supplies. The Liberator agent reassured him that they will take care of it.

Since then, Lumiero has attracted two other buyers, both of whom are mysterious about their background. The other, however, is more mysterious than the other, and it worries Lumiero the most. However, he just can't stay away from the rewards he'll be receiving in the near future.

Descendants of the Road Warriors

Abigail Ruthauer

Age: 25 Race: Caucasian (German/Russian/American)

Abigail was the daughter of the famed ex-raider Warren Ruthauer and former Brotherhood paladin Helena Chernova. Her father taught her to be a resourceful survivalist, while her mother taught her to be a strategic combatant. And so, Abigail excelled in fighting, but she barely saw any action; her role was to look after the town, after all. Together, with her mentor, she engaged in the town's public affairs, serving as the authority due to her bloodline.

To further expand in her father's ideals, she wanted the town to be a safe haven for the endangered and threatened. She is interested in extra medical help, to assist her mentor, who also serves as the town's doctor. She doesn't want to turn into an army like her neighbor, the Liberators. They had tried to assimilate her town into their army, but Abigail and her allies were resistant. This impressed Jonathan, the army's leader, and has then admired Abigail from afar.

Bryce Tianja

Age: 232 Race: Asian (Chinese/American)

Bryce was a nurse hoping to become a doctor from before the war. When the bombs fell, his dreams were shattered; he thought he would be wiped out by the blast. Instead, he found himself alive, but heavily affected by the radiation of the bombs.

Thanks to his medical expertise, Bryce kept himself alive. But he couldn't stop his skin from rotting, and his voice from going hoarse. He transformed into a ghoul, able to live throughout the centuries to come.

Bryce met Warren Ruthauer when he was on the verge of suicide. Just as he was to sign his life off by finding a cliff, he encountered a trio of warriors walking down the same road as he is. He saw something in the group; an exciting adventure waiting to happen. He decided to join them, offering his medical skills.

And so, he accompanied the Road Warriors until their arrival at the Northern Wasteland. Warren, becoming too old to fight, asked him to look after his daughter and the town. After being saved so many times by him, it was the least that Bryce could do. Once again, he outlived his friends for the third time. He became the town's doctor and mentor to Abigail.

Nataszcha Svenningsen

Age: 21 Race: Caucasian (Norwegian/American)

Nataszcha was an Apprentice Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel that was grouped in the seventh scouting party sent out to recover technology. The party was sent a considerable distance from the bunker, taking a week to reach a small scrapyard. As they rummaged in the scrapyard, Nataszcha remembered that her fellow party members slowly started vanishing, until it was her that was left....

The next memory she could remember was her running for her life. She was hit on her hip, as it was already bleeding. She has already removed her recon helmet, since it was starting to become a nuisance to her sight. She continued to run, as far and as fast as she could, until she ended up in a small village with a set of houses. She collapsed from the blood loss, and the drain of energy she felt after running a considerable distance....

She woke up in a bed, inside one of the houses. A ghoul doctor had patched her up; her waist was bandaged, and she felt quite rested. She couldn't remember how she got there; all she knew was that she was in danger. She rested in the town for a few more days, until she finally felt strong enough to fight. She offered her services to the town, serving as a guard and a mechanic, repairing weapons and certain machines found in the town that could be repairable. For a while, she felt that her skills were finally benefiting people.

She continued to serve the town, as her sudden hate for sleep made her more active. She looked at the insignia of her past group, thinking if she should come back and return to normal. But she was still afraid that something out there was after her...

Maurice Garbrook

Age: 23 Race: Caucasian

Maurice was a former caravan guard traveling in the Northern Wasteland. He had a contract of two months for the job, but quickly lost it in two days, when he witnessed his own caravan get wiped off by an unfortunate encounter of deathclaws. He managed to flee unlike the rest of them, but with no direction to follow. For the next year, he aimlessly traveled the wasteland, drifting from place to place to earn some caps. Just as he had lost hope when he pointed his rifle's barrel on his mouth, he saw a settlement of houses from a far distance. This would be his last stop; if it doesn't work out, he will finish what he started.

He offered his skills to the town, as a formidable "raider hunter." Abigail, the town's main authority, happily accepted him. For the next few years, he successfully served as part of the town's "warriors," fending off raider invaders, mercenaries, and even Liberator soldiers alike. His confidence was completely boosted, as he finally found a place to stay, in which he is well-respected. But this confidence transformed him; he started boasting his occupation to most of the females in the town. This, coupled with his good looks, made him quite successful at it. He never approached Abigail, however, for it might mean his eviction. Still, Abigail has noticed his womanizing, and has given him a warning. Maurice promised that he will do it minimally; and so, he set his eyes to the runaway Apprentice Knight, Nataszcha. The internal conflicts she's going through has made her ignore Maurice, to the point that she lost all respect for him. But Maurice is stubborn; he keeps continuing his efforts despite him being rejected more than twenty times.

The Forgotten

Roderick Adowitz

Age: 78 Race: Caucasian (Jewish/American)

Roderick was born in New Andelberg, just as the town was under war with raiders. As soon as he became 16, he participated in the raider wars. His survival also meant his upbringing, quickly excelling in street-wise fighting and resourcefulness. As he grew up, Roderick was lucky enough to witness the town's rebirth to peace.

Due to his background in the town, he was nominated to be part of the New Andelbergian council. He was at the third year of the town's peace when the Liberators entered the town. There, he witnessed his friends and family slaughtered by the invaders. Like most of them, he was shocked by the sudden change in events.

He ran away with a portion of the city's survivors, becoming the only member of his supposed council left. He took leadership of the displaced people, who were losing hope as they were forced into living in the wastes. As they were constantly under fire by Liberator "kill squads," Roderick led his people to a waste plant in order to be shielded by the radiation there, as a desperate attempt to protect his people. With their exposure turning them into ghouls, Roderick found his new home. He continues to live there, haunted by the idea that they are not human anymore. He only waits for death to grasp him, and his hopeless brethren. But he cannot pose as a weak leader; he tries to maintain a respectable stature in order to remedy his hope for death.

Razor [working name]

Age: 64 Race: Asian

Razor was a former soldier of New Andelberg, hardened by all of the battles he had participated in. As he fought more and more raiders, he continued to become accustomed to nothing but fighting. As a result for his avid interest in wars, he was part of the survivors that witnessed peace in the settlement. The first year was hard for Razor, as he didn't see all of the action he was used to. But eventually, he embraced peace. In fact, he never felt so much peace that he didn't want to resort into fighting again.

But this was to be shattered when the Liberators snatched the village away from them. He was thrown into brief disarray, deciding if he should fight, or flee. He chose to fight, feeling bloodlust he never felt in two years. He took two soldiers' lives, but was eventually forced to flee with the survivors. As part of the group, he served as one of the guards, repelling any raiders and kill-squads that came to attack the New Andelbergian refugees.

Though he started to feel his age, he continued to fight, forcing his limits as much as he could, for the benefit of his group. He became ghoulified just as the rest of his group, but this gave him a new source of energy. Unlike Roderick, Razor has become cynical about the other factions that existed outside their home. He continues to serve as a guard, shooting any interloper in sight. He learned more combat skills from his two neighboring super mutants, whom he had mistakenly attacked when they approached. With Roderick to keep him in line, Razor has been able to control himself from killing carelessly.


Age: 46 Race: Hispanic

Mathilda was born during New Andelberg's war with the raiders, to two respectable figures of the city. As such, she was made to hide most of the time, observing the war from a distance. This had somehow sparked inspiration in her to make the city the safest there is, when the time comes. Her dreams were to come true when the town was finally done with the wars, and were on the way to rebuilding. But peace was not to last; a group of invaders suddenly drove them out of their home and back into the wastes. Aside from losing much of her friends, she also lost her parents, who were to become part of the town's new council. Despite all of these hardships, Mathilda stayed strong, and only hoped for the best. She was part of the city's refugees, even participating as guard a few times. Most of the time, however, she found herself teaching the young and the hopeless proper ways of settlement.

When they reached the radioactive plant, Mathilda, like the rest of them, suffered from radiation poisoning, eventually turning into a ghoul. But it was the least of Mathilda's worries; after all, it just lets her live longer. She continued to stay strong as her own leader, Roderick, lost faith in life. She ignored her peoples' cries, and took charge of food distribution among them, conducting trade with caravans without the whole group knowing. As much as she has been pulled down by her people, she continues to push on. With a new goal of living peacefully as ghouls, Mathilda continues to work hard to provide all of them enough food to live. She was also one of the people who proposed to use the whole plant as their new home.

Throughout the time, she feels that Roderick has become incapable as a leader, because of his lost hope for living. Though she often criticized him, she never challenged leadership, because she still had much to learn. For now, she focuses on fixing her peoples' survival, no matter what the cost.

The Super mutant Remnants

Brad Garbrook

Age: 176 Race: Caucasian

Brad was a first-generation super mutant that served in the Master's army. He did was he was expected; to terrorize the weak with brute power. He continued to do this even after the Master's fall, expanding his sights east.

During his journeys, he encountered a nightkin, battling with him until they were down to their fists. As they struggled to kill each other, Brad noticed his strength; he was an ideal partner. Brad then stopped the fight, and asked for the nightkin's cooperation. He agreed. Together, they continued their destruction, disrupting the peace.

As their mischief carried on, Brad started to experiences flashes of his past. Somehow, this suddenly stopped his brutal urge. He wandered aimlessly, confused, and with no direction to go. His faithful partner followed him.

He ended up in the Northern Wasteland, where a shed of humanity returned to him. His speech slowly returned to normal. For the first time in two centuries, Brad felt human. He then decided to spread his ideals to other mutants, starting with his nightkin friend. He struggled with him, as the nightkin suffered mild schizophrenia. But after a few more years, he was successful; the nightkin managed to balance in between his two personalities.

Brad decided to search for more super mutants, but he had forgotten that he himself was one; he was constantly shot on sight by humans that he would encounter him, thus forcing him to flee. And with the lack of super mutants in the wasteland, Brad was heavily delayed. He now lives near the waste disposal plant, co-existing with the ghouls that lived there.

Johan Mendenhale

Age: 131 Race: Caucasian (Austrian/American)

Johan was a first-generation nightkin that served the Master. After his fall, Johan was anguished and almost nearly lost his mind. Instead, he managed to keep his mind intact, creating a personality in him that insisted on nothing but killing.

For the next few centuries, Johan razed destruction with his trusty stealth-boy. He was suddenly halted when he engaged another super mutant. There, they fought furiously for days, until the super mutant calling himself Brad asked for his partnership. Johan agreed, thinking that two is better than one.

He accompanied Brad, attacking brahmin livestock and terrorizing towns. But as they kept going, Brad grew more and more pacifistic. Johan only kept following him, hoping that he will snap out of it. But he didn't.

One day, the violence completely stopped. He continued to follow Brad all the way to the Northern Wasteland. There, Brad reminded him of something that he has been trying to control; his human personality. It took him years, as his violent and human self conflicted. But Brad never gave up on his own friend. In a matter of years, Johan found his self from two-hundred years ago.

Coalition of New-World Robots

Romulus V-131211

Age: 323

Romolus V-131211 was the experimental Mister Handy with a unique AI interface, capable of making decisions more advanced than robots. It is because of the special experiment conducted on him: the Project V13, headed by Julius Fragmilius. His AI used parts of Fragmilius's brain.

Once he was to start examination, he was put into hibernation mode and sent to storage to protect him from the bombs. After two-hundred years, his AI restarted, leading him to return to the facility via the lift and uploading all of the data in his banks from the mainframe computer.

He resumed hibernation for 10 years more, taking in all of the data regarding his AI. Slowly, he regained his ability to reason, reactivating all of the robots in order to aid him. He placed the robots to work, rebuilding and repairing the facility he stood on. Based on his data banks, he created a special signal that attracted a scientist to arrive at his facility, in order for him to get to work in improving the robots he already had. One day, Romulus hoped to live in a wasteland controlled by robots.


Anita "Momma Jazz" Lunieska

Age: 251 Race: African-American (African-American/Russian/American)

Before the war, Anita was invited by Andelberg's theater owners to perform in the city for a week. There, she performed for the whole week, entertaining attendants by the millions. After all, she didn't earn her nickname "Momma Jazz" for nothing.

Unknowingly to her, this would be the last city she would see civilization in. When she heard the sirens while packing up for the night, she emerged from the hotel, witnessing the chaos that ensued. She saw flying sparks in the sky, closing in to the ground. A man suddenly grabbed her hand, uttering her name with such desperation, as she was pulled into one of the buildings. There, she found herself filed in a line, entering an underground passageway. One of the people behind her pushed the line, sending all of them into disarray. She forced her way into the bunker, seeing as it was about to close. As she desperately entered, she saw some of the people, with the most terrified look in there eyes, witnessing the flash of light.

The turn of events was a shock for Anita. But this didn't stop her from living; she sang for the survivors inside the bunker, seeing the best way she could, regardless if her voice has been worn down by age. She continued to sing, in order to brighten up the bunker's mood.

Life was quite steady for the bunker she lived in for year, until a sudden radiation leak created chaos. This forced most of the bunker's residents to exit, leaving some of the old and frail behind. She was pushed back by the chaos, and as a result, was some of the last to leave.

Her mild exposure to radiation somehow created a sped-up ghoulification process in her; in the course of two days, her skin has rotten, some of her hair fell, and her voice became raspy. Not only did she lose some of her humanity, but she can never sing the same way anymore. But still, she was too respected to be ignored. She still received the same treatment by the people.

Anita became part of the New Andelberg society, witnessing most, if not all of the raider wars that ensued there. When the town was nearly wiped out, she took a group of survivors with her and started heading west. For years, they looked for a peaceful place to live, avoiding raiders and creatures. It wasn't long until they finally reached the small neighborhood of Ogden, where danger was far from sight. There settled, finally putting her old bones to rest.

Wasteland Creatures

Spearplant Species

The spearplant is a new breed of plant emerging in the Olescan forest grounds. The experiments conducted their caused the forest to grow at a rapid rate, creating new mutations of plants. The most prominent of them all is the spearplant species, serving as the forest's guard. They are mostly responsible for all of the deaths of travelers in the forest, and also for Olesco's imprisonment.

Spearplant seedling

The seedling is the first stage of the plant, bearing the form of a spear's tip with two hind legs. It has an olive-green color, with a tough exterior shell. The seedling goes in the process of searching for the perfect ground to nest in, or the ideal "host" to thrive in. When it roots into the ground (with its sharp point), it grows into two subspecies of plants. When it infects a host (by stabbing its point through the host's upper body area), the seedling takes control of the host's lifeless body.

Spearplant Flower

The spearplant flower is one of the seedling's possible mature forms. It is a flower as tall as an average human beings. Its petals vary in different warm colors. As a defense mechanism, the flower's stigma unleashes an invisible toxin, capable of putting those that made contact into a coma.

Spearplant Greeneater

The spearplant greeneater is the other mature form of the seedling, less common than the flower. It is highly similar to a milk thistle plant, with a size comparable to a human being. It has two tentacular "hands" on each side. The spear-like "hands" act as a defense mechanism, attacking any living thing that is not a plant.

Feral Ghouls

Feral ghouls were once ghouls who lost their ability to reason, resorting to savage instincts. The ghouls found in the Northern Wasteland mostly came from the waste disposal plant. Others were former survivors of the Great War. Other than the standard feral ghouls, there are a few notable variants found in the wasteland.

Feral Ghoul Fleshrender

This variant of feral ghoul has been quite common in the wasteland, for reasons unknown. It usually wears some form of armor ranging from raider armor to leather armor. The fleshrender doesn't like its presence to be noticed, and so it barely grumbles or roars, and prefers to attack when their victims are not looking. Fleshrenders are also capable of crippling their opponents much faster than feral ghouls, in order to ensure their victims' inescapable fate. It is unknown as to how it is, but the fleshrender only attacks with one arm, doubling its damaging swipes' rate of injury.

The Shadowcreepers

Shadowcreepers, also called shadowmen, or "darkened" ghouls, are a special form of ghouls found only in the Andelberg Ruins. The ruins' environment, consisting of thick, ashen air, radiation, and lack of sunlight, had caused the survivors of the city scape to become imprisoned there. The survivors, who hid in the buildings as the bombs fell, suffered from the radiation. The ruins' lack of space and rubble ground made no space for breathing; this forced the survivors to mostly crawl and crouch. As the centuries passed, the survivors-turned ghouls became more accustomed to their surroundings, disfiguring their postures. The thick air and the ash that blew had covered their skin, forming a dark color. The lack of sun, as it had been blocked by the fallen skyscrapers, made them fearful of light. They also adapted the ability to see through the dark, evident in their glowing eyes.

Shadowmen have made the small spaces of skyscrapers their homes, awaiting their victims as they hide in the shadows. Their yearning for human flesh continues to grow, as visitors of the ruins are very rare. They have even resorted to killing their own ranks, decreasing them in number.

The Lost Soul

In 2204, a mysterious entity emerged in Highway 8. Before the entity appeared, Highway 8 was used as a safe passage from the Andelberg Ruins. But since then, the highway has become a feared place, growing more and more mysterious by the day.

The most common rumor there is that a "bad spirit" patrols the highway, killing anything that gets near it. One survivor who lived to tell the tale had the clearest picture; it was a feral ghoul. Somehow, when encountered, the ghoul thickens your sight with darkness, as if a storm had just arrived. You are only able to see its glowing eyes, as everything else is too dark. It strikes in rapid succession, each strike adding to your physical and mental pain. The ghoul appeared to wear darkened rags and a certain piece of leather armor.

The survivor died shortly after he revealed his tale. Some said his injuries were actually a curse, that the soul's presence must not be revealed. Nobody had ever acknowledged the entity since then.

Other Wasteland Creatures

The wasteland is home to many wasteland creatures, such as mole rats, coyotes, radscorpions, giant rats, and the like. There are also deathclaws, but they are quite rare and are scattered all across the wasteland.

Yan Wu (working name)

A species of mountain lions were said to be found living in the caves of the Tribecka Mountains. It is unknown if the lions were wiped out by the bombs.

By 2203, an unknown, ferocious species emerged from the caves, terrorizing travelers that have set camp in the Tribecka Mountains. These creatures appear to strike with such precision and strength, that survivors were rare. These creatures were the mutated mountain lions, somehow experiencing irradiation and surviving it.