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  • KnowledgeProspector

    I was tired. Hadn't slept, ran for miles. I don't know why I'm still alive.

    Maybe it's my group. They'd been there to share my struggles. Save me from death...

    Death. I don't know why it hasn't taken me yet. I don't know how many times it's tried. I've lost count.

    I can't die now. Not with four people to carry.

    Down on food, energy, hope... somehow, I can relate to the ruins I stand on. It must've been majestic in its day; towers of stone, holding people inside. People who lived in luxury. Towers, for the royalty. This boneyard lost its light; it's covered in darkness now.

    The ruins. We could barely see our way.

    I tried my best to look for some form of light. I was lucky; the first time I set my hand on the ground, I felt a long piece of wood. I…

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  • KnowledgeProspector

    The night was dark, but we didn't bother. We moved on, without sleep. Out there, creatures looking to tear your throat out. Walking kept us away from them. Walking made us think of other things. The caravan run, and finishing it. The hope that Eve will hold her son again. The hope that Mark will return in one piece, so his family wouldn't worry. The hope that Decker and Tristan reach the Boneyard, far away from the wild wastes. The hope that these people are safe. We thought of those while walking.

    That night seemed like forever. We were running out of rations; the caravan didn't seem to get any from the town once it was raided. For the safety of the group, I had to propose a new plan. "What's this thing packing?" I asked to them. We were m…

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  • KnowledgeProspector

    We left a few hours after that night. Been traveling for a few days. Today. Damn path’s been treacherous as it promised, but my mates are making the best of it. “So, Demetrius….. got anybody waitin’ for ya when you come back?”

    Kramer was looking exhausted, so it’s good for him to start this. “Nobody.” Kramer rolled his head lazily, gasping for air. “Really, now? You must have somebody. I have a whole damn tab back there waitin’ for me… and a lady. A few, to be exact.” Few chuckles were exchanged around the caravan, mostly coming from the guards. “My lady’s been waiting for me for far too long. She’s been expecting me…” Diaz catches some air. The sun was scorching. “… to move out of the streets, and into… a place. I mean, w-we don’t even hav…

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  • KnowledgeProspector

    It was a few weeks ago. The day that man gave me his offer. I'd just made the biggest progress in my life, and here I was, taking raider jobs again. I was invited to a building, deep within a small settlement. It was packed with chem addicts, dealers, drunkards, people with problems. Place wasn’t going anywhere, I thought. Perfect place for a man like Crowe to hide. Man loved to wear white suits, even though it wasn’t made for his body. Crowe owns too many mercs; too many for me to count. And here he was, hiring me to do a job for him, trying to add me to his ranks.

    It took me days to build up the courage to walk up to that building. Why couldn’t he do it himself? Had his raider agent send his invitation to me. Says he’s willing to remedy m…

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  • KnowledgeProspector

    Hello, reader. This will display the general storyline and possible lore of my wasteland. If you can't find it in your heart to read the two faction pages, then this is the place for you. Other than that, this is also to help you create an idea of why the characters and locations are there.

    An important thing to note that, like all of my other blogs, this can, and will change in the future.

    The Northern Wasteland was situated somewhere in the middle of the West Coast. There the city of Andelberg stood, a city that was finished in the year of 2058. Vault-Tec Industries launched a sub-company mainly just for the city named Boron-Tec Architectures. Aside from supervising much of the city's engineering, it also had an experiment in mind; the creation a…

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