OK, so if you're like me you felt kinda forced into a role by the story of Fallout 4. As well you may of felt a bit uninterested in the story and would rather establish settlements but felt the main story tugging on you. These feelings made me start to think of what I wanted in a Fallout game story wise. My answer was that I didn't want a story, or at least a very simple story that will allow players to create the story they want for their characters. So here's a quick layout of the story I want.

The Beginning

Your character would be born a Vault Dweller in Vault X (X being used as a variable for a number I'm to lazy to come up with) a control vault that has stayed closed over the years only accepting in a trusted Caravan of traders and sending out supply teams when needed. Your parents were killed in an epidemic shortly after your birth but you've found a loving family with the other Vault Dwellers. You get a short tutorial of various skills used by professions inside the vault before taking the GOAT which will determine your profession inside the vault. Skip a couple of years and you've become the head of your profession (Chief of Security, Head Scientist, Teacher, Cook) and the office of Overseer has recently been made vacant. You can join the race, endorse a candidate, or stay out of it. Eventually you can become the Overseer or act as one of their advisers. The main topic of the election was to stay isolated in the vault or to develop a settlement outside of the vault. As Overseer you'll make the decision or the decision will be made by the candidate you endorse. Either way a new supply rate needs to be established and it needs to done by a member of the council. Due to the previously mentioned epidemic you're the only one healthy enough to travel out into the wasteland to do so.

The Wasteland

This is where your past choices that resulted in you becoming Overseer or not starts to really effect your game. If your Overseer you can easily go out and meet one of the various factions that you can set up a supply line with and choose to make a deal with them. However if you're not Overseer you can only suggest forming a deal with a faction which the overseer may decline. As well if you're not the Overseer some decisions will be made without you. Either as the leader of a developing settlement or the frontman of an isolated vault to keep up the supply line back to Vault X it will require you do some favors for the factions. So instead of focusing on the same story for every character players will each have unique experiences in the wasteland forming bonds with the various factions.

The Climax

Each story needs an end and a way to get to it. This could be a brewing war over an invaluable location such as in New Vegas or a coming catastrophe such as a Super Mutant invasion. Either way the results will depend on the alliances you have helped form.

The Companions

Just a quick note on these guys. I want companions you can truly make a long lasting relationship with and that you help go through a life-changing event such as a Raider addicted to Buff-out that you can help get a dose of FEV.

Whelp those are my ideas for a fallout game I want to see. Simple main story so we can see a focus on all the little short stories you can find. Knightmare · [Talk]  03:19, December 17, 2015 (UTC)