Hey everyone this is KnightAce saying that no one hero can save the world, and instead of trying to, they should focus on saving the people in their sights. But a true hero just doesn't save people, he does many different things for the people, such as.

Saving people is important but so is helping them, like finding lost property or giving them food and water, etc. And after completing these tasks/quests they will often, offer a reward. A true hero would never accept any kind of reward accept a thanks, and even if we don't get a thanks helping them is reward enough.

Now we get to the part about enemies, and when dealing with them fighting is always a last resort, that's what reasoning skills are for. Of course that doesn't always work so you have no choice but to fight, so end it as quick as possible no need to make them suffer. But when the enemy gives up and tries to retreat let them go, killing is never the answer. Besides if they run, their just cowards who could never hurt anyone but themselves.

Now most heroes are part of factions who they think is right(example I'm a member of Lyons Bos), Heroes always want what's beat for the people, factions usually just want what's best for them. They might receive orders to do something that might put people in danger, true heroes would never follow those orders, I wouldn't and in fact I've gone against orders before and stop my fellow brothers from carrying out orders that put innocents in danger(I get chewed out a lot). Enough about factions, bottom line is true heroes are only willing to risk their lives and theirs alone.

Well that's my thoughts on what a true hero is, until next time stay safe and to all other heroes out there, lets continue to save each and everyone who is in danger.