Hey everybody KnightAce here to pick up my thoughts where I left of with my thoughts on factions.

Great Khans: This group of raiders are, when it comes down to it the least worrisome for me. Sure they take on "activites" that raiders do in the wastes like killing, stealing,etc. But they do have a way of helping people as well, chems, lets face it life in any part of the wasteland is a living hell just about chems help people deal with there problems and life in general. I know its not a good but still it helps people cope with life in this unforgiving hellhole.

White Glove Society: This fancy pancy casino which holds the white glove society, they with out a dout some of the most snobiest and bitchiest people in the whole mojave. Some of there worst traits are the way treat people outside their society like their scum not worthy of being called human. I could go on and on about had they treat people, but thats not the worst part, those people as they call themselves used to partake on the flesh of humans, who the hell would ever possibly believe canablism is even remotely a right mindset. But they gave up their canabilstic ways which is an amazing stride but that one man...No that monster who's goal is to return them to their canibal ways. So even with all crazy stuff is there anyway I can truly find good with society...In all honesty I can't find anything at all, I like to find the good in every faction so if anyone knows anything good let me know.

Followers of Apocalypes: This in faction particular is one the best, most decent group of people that I've ever seen in all my travels in the wastes. They will literally help all and any type of people, if its using there medical skills, using tech for the benifet all, and they do it all with out asking for anything in return. In all honesty I can't find any wrong thing they have ever, the fact is I might have join their group if it were'nt lyons BoS, I need to be out there saving people not just staying and helping the Followers take care of the wounded and sick people. I can't find ant wrong with this faction so yeah same drill.

The Kings: A faction just about purly based of The King of Rock, even though they don't know he is. They are not a bad faction at all they keep the peace in Freeside when no one else would, they handle every form of threat or disturbince that in their special style. The leader of the kings, The King is not just a pretty good leader but he is a very good man. The only part of the kings that is one single bad is Pacer, The King's second in command, a real black sheep taking responsbilities and taking some the orders he is given changing it to where he does he wants just cause he does'nt another faction.Whinch has negative effects all around, making The King's look like thugs that they are'nt and life harder for the people of Freeside.

Well there's a few more factions crossed of my list so anyway I hope you enjoy reading more of my view's and believe's. POWERED ARMOR BOYSCOUTS FOR LIFE!! Signed --KnightAce (talk) 08:18, March 17, 2013 (UTC)