Hello everyone this KnightAce just askin why can't we all get along? Seriously why can't all the factions get along, if we all worked with each other think of the good we can accomplish. But for some reason none us can work togather because of leadership, propaganda, and misconception. Now I just want point out the good and the negative of some factions:

Ncr: The only good they ever do is for serious I can't think of one good thing about them. The negative they do is pretty much all they bring to the wasteland, they only care for their own, they take over territory with no consent from anybody thinkin that its thier right to own what isn't theirs. They commit massercre on men, women, and children without question of order. Wheres the morality, the consence, the humanty. Did any of them think to question that order, aparently not.

Legion: The good about well the raider population is down quite a bit, and they do take better care of thier own then Ncr would. Thier negative is pretty darn bad, they as well take territory that isnt thiers, but by force. They enslave pretty much everybody and the ones they dont kill in some of the most gruesome manners with no mercy. They take away everyones freedom with no reason accept to grow and control, they have no morals. They forbid all things that would help them thrive, their misconception of strength will eventually be there downfall.

Enclave: The only good they do is basically trying revive the orignal America. Thier negative is the way they go about it, killing all thoughs people the believe to be mutants...Which is almost everyone, i guess isolationism will do that to you. Almost commiting mass genocide, one wantiing to the other finding no other choice out fear of the unknown. They commit a lot evil for their greater good, because of this they are very misunderstood and therefore feared.

Bos: The only good they ever done is helped stop The Unity. Their negative is, All they want is to recover lost tecnolgy, if there was dying man laying there and he had a laser rifle theyed kill him and take the rifle instead of helping him. To them human life is below the worth of a working toaster, any working tech you is worth more than your life to them and they will kill you for it.

Lyons Bos: Their good qualitys are they protect the people of the capital wastes, from super mutants and all the other dangers of the wastes. Their negative is, a lot them are dicks, they'll kill ghouls with out question or the thought that thier still human on the inside, even if they do sometimes have the common courtsy to miss. When on the job they dont always help the people their suppose to protect.

Thats my summerized thoughts on these factions some are better than others but they all have negativity in them some more than others. But to me the best to support is Lyons Bos, out them all they do the most good. POWER ARMORED BOYSCOUTS FOR LIFE!!!! --KnightAce (talk) 01:48, January 17, 2013 (UTC)