• I live in The Citadel
  • I was born on July 13
  • My occupation is Hero
  • I am Male
  • KnightAce

    No one hero

    June 26, 2013 by KnightAce

    Hey everyone this is KnightAce saying that no one hero can save the world, and instead of trying to, they should focus on saving the people in their sights. But a true hero just doesn't save people, he does many different things for the people, such as.

    Saving people is important but so is helping them, like finding lost property or giving them food and water, etc. And after completing these tasks/quests they will often, offer a reward. A true hero would never accept any kind of reward accept a thanks, and even if we don't get a thanks helping them is reward enough.

    Now we get to the part about enemies, and when dealing with them fighting is always a last resort, that's what reasoning skills are for. Of course that doesn't always work so you…

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  • KnightAce

    Hey everybody KnightAce here to pick up my thoughts where I left of with my thoughts on factions.

    Great Khans: This group of raiders are, when it comes down to it the least worrisome for me. Sure they take on "activites" that raiders do in the wastes like killing, stealing,etc. But they do have a way of helping people as well, chems, lets face it life in any part of the wasteland is a living hell just about chems help people deal with there problems and life in general. I know its not a good but still it helps people cope with life in this unforgiving hellhole.

    White Glove Society: This fancy pancy casino which holds the white glove society, they with out a dout some of the most snobiest and bitchiest people in the whole mojave. Some of ther…

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  • KnightAce

    Can't we just get along?

    January 17, 2013 by KnightAce

    Hello everyone this KnightAce just askin why can't we all get along? Seriously why can't all the factions get along, if we all worked with each other think of the good we can accomplish. But for some reason none us can work togather because of leadership, propaganda, and misconception. Now I just want point out the good and the negative of some factions:

    Ncr: The only good they ever do is for serious I can't think of one good thing about them. The negative they do is pretty much all they bring to the wasteland, they only care for their own, they take over territory with no consent from anybody thinkin that its thier right to own what isn't theirs. They commit massercre on men, women, and children without question of order. …

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