This is my reasoning for supporting Yes-Man:

  • The only way for the Mojave to be truly free, will be for it to runs its own affairs. If they do this and after independence has happened, then representatives from the different communities can have a say in how the newly formed state is run. This will create a true sense of democracy, not like the NCR's protection in return for tax and land or the Legion making everybody into slaves.
  • Defense won't be a problem for an independent Vegas either. With the upgraded Securitrons and the sheer number of them, communities can easily be protected from the Wasteland.
  • Because of the mass amount of securitrons available money won't have to be spent on conscripting men to protect the Mojave. This means that spending will be lower and in turn a lot less money will need to be taxed in comparison to the NCR.
  • An independent Vegas can act as a buffer between the NCR and Legion and therefore stop the needless bloodshed which is currently happening.
  • In order for Civilisation to come back to the Wasteland multiple peaceful states will need to be set up instead of one slave driven empire or an inefficient and corrupt republic. People need to be able to manage their own affairs instead of be ruled from miles in somewhere they will probably never got to.
  • Mr House is just a dictator and doesn't care for the people in Vegas. All he cares about is the money he earns from the strip. With Mr House out of the picture his technology can be used for the betterment of mankind and the Followers of the Apocalypse will be the best people to do this.

This is true freedom and democracy for the Mojave people.