Well, this is only my second blog post but I do feel that this is a necessary post. Remember these are guidelines that I think people should follow as they do consist of common sense and are pretty easy to follow. From this point forward I am going to refer to "drama" as extreme user conflicts. Extreme user conflicts can occur anywhere. Chat, blogs, talk pages and heck even article talk pages. Things in chat are usually handled by admins in chat or chat mods. Usually. I have heard of various exceptions so below are some guidelines.

1) Flame wars - We all know how flame wars go. They have been around since the advent of the internet back when Al Gore. As a general user, try to stay out of them. Adding to them makes things worse and gets you and others all emotionally fired up. Not good. If you feel things are getting out of control, (i.e. name calling, rude conduct, breaking the rules) contact and admin or bc on their talk page.

  • Note for admins - when you see a flame war try and put it out. Don't get involved in it. Getting involved makes things worse. It looks bad on the administration as a whole. If the issue involves an admin or group of admins, contact a bc on their talk page.

2) Chat topics - We all know that at times chat can get quite heated. The chat rules are being reworked and reviewed as I write this so there is not much to say other than respect each other and if an admin or chat mod says to drop a subject, just drop it and move on. No harm no foul.

3) Talk pages - Disagreements have been around since the dawn of man. "Sorry dude but that is my club not yours" said every caveman at some point. Then a fight ensues. My point is this, conflict exist and will always exist. The problem is when it gets disruptive. If two people are having a dispute on their talk pages and it's limited there, so be it. But the minute other people get involve and it spreads to their talk pages and then to chat and then maybe even a forum it becomes disruptive. That is when it become classified as "extreme user conflict". The main problem here always occurs when other people get involved not to help resolve the problem but to simply put in their two cents. Which does nothing to help anyone.

So in closing what is it that I am asking of you, the Nukapedians to do. Simple, if you are a regular or even an anonymous user and you see someone causing trouble, breaking the rules and disrupting the ebb and flow of the wiki contact and admin or bc using chat or their talk page.

  • Note to admins - As for admins, if you see users causing trouble, breaking the rules and disrupting the ebb and flow of the wiki ask them to calm it down. See if they can work it out without having to involve several people. Use the tools that are available to you in your position as admin. And by that I don't just mean the toolbar at the bottom I mean the skills that lead you to be elected to the admin position in the first place. Now if these people that are causing the problem are admins or are a group of admins and they will not listen, contact a bc to resolve the situation.

All of the above guidelines are easy peasy and I think make sense. If you guys think otherwise feel free to comment below. Good day.