I understand that the Administrators have the final words on which pages stay where, which are redirected and which are deleted. That is clear as sunlight. What to me is more clouded is that the administrators do so with work in progress. In business that would not happen. A project would be given reasonable time to show what it intended to contain. But not on this wiki. I wrote on a page based on Immunity from radiation. To be honest, the page was "wanted" only because of a mistake on the linking page. And another attempt had been deleted.

So when I published my first draft and intended to go to bed, it was almost immediately redirected. After pleading my case, that was rolled back and it was put up for community decision. All I asked for was a few days to finish the project. Nevertheless, five minutes after it was again moved. Somehow I cannot be given a few days to finish a page. It was found unworthy already in the starting faze. I could not seem to explain that the page would be on a lot more than just the definition of immunity. It should also have contained a description of, different species, and what the player can do to become almost immune together with some other points that at least I thought would be of general interest. But, Alas I never got to write it. I could understand and without problem have accepted that the final page would have been scrapped.

Why couldn't they wait? Why did it have to be now, especially after the kind decision to let it be up to the community to decide after I finished? I suppose the lesson here is, newbie stick with minor edits.--Kilroy1975 19:42, July 23, 2011 (UTC)