Holorifle- Hands down the most potent, effective, useful gun in the game. Kinda makes it to easy.

10mm Pistol- Supressed, is the BEST start up gun in the game(for 1st time throug).

Ratslayer- The obvious BEST choice start up weapon for veteran players.

This Machine- The Best non scoped rifle. ITS THE B.A.R GUYS!

12.7 mm pistol- The absolute BEST handgun(supressed of coarse).

Sniper Rifle- The BEST GUN IN THE GAME. Although I have a hard time understanding how it is so easily silenced, when supressed and fully tricked out, their is no other option.

Dinner Bell- packing this along with the sniper rifle, you will need no other weaponry. The range and spread is rediculous!

Minni Gun- Dont know what they did to it but it is in effective and a BAD choice.

Grenade Rifle- This and all other variants are the WORST weapons in the game. Was so excited, now dissapointed.

Anti Matirial Rifle- Should be just that, but its not.....SHOOT THROUGH S#@T. The scope is a joke. Infrared or N/V should have been........well.....obvious.

Gatling Laser- Someone missed the bus. Last game, this was by far the most potent and effective energy weapon. Now its GARBAGE.

Im very interested to here from developers or fellow nerds like me. I can analyze this GOOD game all day. The one thing that I will always suggest, dont rush or be haste with quality. It takes time to build something perfect.

By the way, you can probably tell im a covert guy.