• Kevlar helmut

    Holorifle- Hands down the most potent, effective, useful gun in the game. Kinda makes it to easy.

    10mm Pistol- Supressed, is the BEST start up gun in the game(for 1st time throug).

    Ratslayer- The obvious BEST choice start up weapon for veteran players.

    This Machine- The Best non scoped rifle. ITS THE B.A.R GUYS!

    12.7 mm pistol- The absolute BEST handgun(supressed of coarse).

    Sniper Rifle- The BEST GUN IN THE GAME. Although I have a hard time understanding how it is so easily silenced, when supressed and fully tricked out, their is no other option.

    Dinner Bell- packing this along with the sniper rifle, you will need no other weaponry. The range and spread is rediculous!

    Minni Gun- Dont know what they did to it but it is in effective and a BAD …

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