Weekly Wednesday Poll - 19

Weekly Wednesday poll
The WWP is a poll every Wednesday asking the Vault community what they think about the Fallout Universe; from games and add-ons, to guns and bullets, to enemies and NPC's. Have any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

In last week's poll, the majority of voters (36%) never or rarely enter The Vault, 15% do the exact opposite and edit every day, and 14% edits 3-4 times a week. As for how long, 55% edit for only about 5-10 minutes, 22% edit for 30 minutes and 8% edit for an hour. Strangely, 4 hours had no votes, but >4 hours had 7% of the votes. Try to explain that...

Now I realize that last weeks poll was pretty dry and for that I apologize. This weeks poll should wet your whistle... with a Nuka-Cola, America's most popular soft drink!

Which Nuka-Cola is your favorite?

  • 34% 87 votes
  • 5% 12 votes
  • 5% 13 votes
  • 38% 96 votes
  • 2% 5 votes
  • 6% 15 votes
  • 10% 25 votes
253 people voted
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