Fallout 3 add-on reviews

About a week ago, I pulled my reviews of Fallout 3 add-ons and placed them on a separate user page of mine. From there, I expanded the reviews, going more in depth and ultimately making the reviews four times as long. The reviews primarily consist of what I thought about the new equipment, quests, environments, anything that sets the add-on apart from others and my favorite part of the add-on. If you feel like reading something Fallout-related, take a look at them. But be warned, they're kind of long and may take some more time than you care to read, so it may be best to read it in chunks. Please feel free to tell me if you think I judged an add-on poorly and let me know the things I should improve upon for my Fallout: New Vegas add-on reviews in the comments below. Anyway, give 'em a look and remember the good ol' days. They can be found here.