people keep saying that the sole survivor is one of the parents, is a android, was frozen cryogenically, etc, Todd Howard directly stated that the sole survivors appearance would be generated based off of the couples appearance, which means you play the baby, more over, it has been 200 years since entering vault 111, maybe you're character is a decedent of shaun(the baby)and before you say "wouldn't the sole survivor's appearance be different then?"many games have done this type of thing before(i can't remember what games)and the characters appearance did not change, despite a century or so passing next; it's a bethesda game, with a ton of new features, they probably aren't going to delve into minutia like that.[EDIT] i want say, i personally don't care, it's just a thought i have been meaning to express, i will be honest, i am leaning more towards playing the child, but if i am wrong, i will apologize for my ignorance/arrogance as soon as possible