Gecko japanese

.A new demo of New Vegas shown at Tokyo Game Show 2010 has sparkled a little interest in the press.[1]

.Planet Fallout is hosting a contest with some NCR shirts as a prize. Unfortunately it's open to US/Canada citizens only.[2]

.Ign has a new article- The compound was encircled by a metal fence, but the entrance was wide open. A plaque nearby informed me that it was the residence of Ambassador Dennis Crocker, who served at the pleasure of Republic President Aaron Kimball. I tried to have a pleasant conversation with the guards, but they refused to speak my language. So I pulled up VATS with a tap of the right bumper and dumped all my available AP into a series of rib-cracking punches. [3]

.gamewatch also has an article if anyone knows japanese please translate it.[4]

And to finish heres a shot of a new weapon and the fire gecko!