aka Soda

  • I live in Tennessee
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hey its me Kadin my other account is Thomas 15432. I right a few shows, they will be linked in the rest of my bio.

    Posts I've gotten locked: 2

    Times I've gotten banned: 2

    Friends: Quarterman, MacCready, Wastelander, Ceasar,

    Enemies: none for now (yes Hauganz you read that right)
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  • Kadin141

    Today is the first day back from my week long ban, jezz I hope I never need to go through that again. now that I'm doing the wiki on my computer ive noticed that I can get achivments, I already have done 8 but I'm still rank number 1000, but progress is progress, hope to hit atleast 15 by 22:00.

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