Fallout: New York is set in where else, the Big Apple, New York City. Which area, I'm not exactly sure yet but I'll figure that out in a later post. The year is 2283, two years after the events of New Vegas and six years after Fallout 3. I'm still working on the main character story but will post that soon enough later on.

Revolutionary Features

This game will be revolutionary in several different ways to the Fallout saga (if I'm not mistaken). The first will be the introduction of vehicles (not including Tactics or BOS) other than the occasional Vertibird and Highwayman. The first operational land vehicles produced post-Great War (if not mistaken). With gas and oil pretty much gone and definitely unattainable for the general wastelander, these vehicles are fusion and water-powered. I'm not a scientist or mechanic so that would have to be figured out later (hopefully someone can brainstorm something and I will credit you). These vehicles are imperative for the factions in the region (later discussed in post) and sign of power for those who have carved out lavish lifestyles in the Liberty Wasteland.

These will feature simple trucks and cars, but get as advanced as the revival and innovation of pre-war tank models. The player will eventually gain access to a vehicle of their own and can steal some of their own through a lockpick then hack sequence. Though it may be hard or impossible to navigate through some wrecked areas, most streets have been cleared of debris, though not necessarily of traps......

The second revolutionary item is dynamic territory. It may be hard or even impossible to pull off. However, battles are raging between the main factions and territories should never be stagnant. Doing missions and aiding in random encounter battles will shift control of a territory for a faction. However, your actions aren't the only factors in territory change. Map territories may change rather frequently and such changes will be broadcast on the radio. Though some people may resist if they don't approve of the new faction.....

Thirdly, dynamic alliances. Once you choose a main faction to work for later on, you are tasked with getting allies and swaying other alliances with the other factions in your favor. However, the other sides are working towards the same thing. So while you may have gained allegiance of say the Great Khans (in New Vegas terms), another side might have just won over, let's say the Powder Gangers.

These can affect your rep with other factions and affect the way the following missions and battles are waged.

Alternate fire is the fourth proposed option. Pretty simple, I don't believe R3 or clicking in the RS on the 360 does anything. Thus this becomes alt fire.

Some weapons have this by default. For instance, the double-barrel shotgun can fire one shell at a time. Or through using the right stick, you fire both at once. Another example is the throwing spear who's alt fire allows you to stab make a stab. Others meanwhile have mods that may give them alt fire capabilities. Hunting rifles may now receive bayonets, the right stick now acting as a melee stab (probably worth about 6 or 7 DAM). Alt fire can be used in VATS via selection of a body part or target through the right stick click.

The fifth is loyalty. Instead of just having a companion for X hours or XP or something to activate their character mission (i.e. Boone in New Vegas), you now have to keep checking in with them and selecting the right paths in conversation and doing things they like in the world. After engaging or conversation or doing such a thing, the game will have message box pop up saying your gained or lost loyalty with that companion.

This is very similar to Knights of the Old Republic 2 and is what influenced the feature here. It just feels too easy to progress a companion. Now you've really got to work towards it by giving them things, doing things they like or agree with, saying the right things, saying the right things to other people, checking in on them, helping them, etc.

This can also result in relationships, relations, etc. Not really a big-time new thing, but more of a rehashing and refurbishing of a Fallout feature.

The sixth is jobs. Missions aren't the only way to do things with factions, as you can now work for them and with them. For instance, you can do protection jobs with the Protettores. And those protections jobs would start off low-risk, low-pay. Then as you do more and depending on how well you do, you get harder jobs with more pay. You can also get promoted. Promoted from protection to hitman for instance. The pay and risk increase as you do this.

You can go an be a farmer (involves planting crops and going back and growing them for a couple days and protecting said crops), a bouncer (decide who does and doesn't get in and roughing up anyone who tries anything funny), a mercenary (helping in battles for a faction), a merchant (delivering and trading with people and areas), an assassin/hitman (self-explanatory), a mechanic, a doctor, a scientist, etc. There's many jobs and lots of caps to be made!

Basic Scenario

So here's the basic scenario your character will find themselves in. New York City is in the middle of a huge guerilla and sometimes full-scale war. The main factions being the Brotherhood of Steel's New York Chapter, the Enclave's New York branch and members of surviving DC members who fled, and the NYLA or New York Liberation Army.

The Brotherhood of Steel were the first major faction to pop up and establish themselves in New York. The chapter stuck by the mission of the order, look for technology. They encountered many people, largely comprised of New York's many Vault populations. They promised the people that they would not harm them if they complied peacefully with the BoS. And for a long time this worked very well.

Then came the emergence of the Enclave. Their pure-bred rule was dominant and unopposed for the most part by the people of their region. The Enclave knew they'd need people to sustain the new America, at least until their "true humanity" grew large enough to sustain itself and didn't need the sub-humans.

The people under Enclave rule complied peacefully because the Enclave kept them alive and protected them against Raiders, slavers, and New York's once massive Ghoul population. However, it wasn't long until the BoS and Enclave could no longer ignore the other's presence, and so war began anew.

The people of New York became sick of being secondary citizens and slave workers for the technologically superior superpowers. So many worked in secret and defected to a largely untouched sector of the city in the North and became the New York Liberation Army. Their mission was simple, stay free and independent New Yorkers, and to fight for the independence of those who couldn't fight. To be able to rule and live as the people of New York see fit.

With years of weaponry, know-how, and comradeship, the NYLA is a force to be reckoned with. Workers in rebuilt factories in the BoS and Enclave territories soon began work for the NYLA to give them vehicles, armor, and guns. And so a three-way war has begun for control of NYC.


However, there are other factions. The BoS hold the West, the Enclave the East, the NYLA the North, but what of the South? The Lawless Lands as they're known, occupy the South. Comprised of sects of Raiders, Slavers, gangs, and more, the Lawless Lands are a hell and yet a paradise. Rich and powerful men before this new war took up residence and opened up shop here as well. Big strip clubs, casinos, even luxury style hotels have set up here.

These are where your minor factions come in. The Big Apples being the most well known. Having out-muscled or bought out most other strip clubs, the Big Apples chain dominates the strip/whore scene. Their name originating from their neon signs using apples to portray certain female areas. Led by a man who's name suits his appearance, Big Time and his surprisingly well-armed thugs. Big Time is a very big man with an even bigger Crean coat (giant mutated pigeons discussed later). His portliness credited to his lavish lifestyle, he's the most wealthy man in New York. So he's able to afford big feasts and more importantly, big guns.

However, everyone is suspicious of a bigger game at work behind the Big Apples. Who like to live it the only way they know how, big!

Then come the Liberty Mutants. Seems the DC Enclave didn't get to NY soon enough to tell the sector there NOT to experiment with FEV, as New York's very own Super Mutants now roam the Lawless Lands. However, these lumbering mutants are very organized and very intelligent. Led by a mutant named Plato, his people set up residency in the head of the Statue of Liberty which amidst the nuclear blasts wound up in this area of the city. The head also leading straight into the sewer and metro stations, giving the Mutants access to any area of the Liberty Wasteland and effectively scaring off anyone else from using the areas for themselves.

Their ranks also include several non-feral ghouls and even many humans who like the Liberty Mutants' ideals. Plato simply wants to avoid all conflict if possible and to keep his Mutant brothers from prejudice, and those same Mutants from inciting prejudice from others. Plato believes in peace and seclusion, in the hopes of one day gaining integration. Obviously it'll be hard to get them to side with the Enclave or BoS, but not impossible..... Btw, Liberty Mutants are more like Marcus in terms of speech, though the look much like the Mojave Wasteland ones. They are a more grayish color than the rest of the Mutants.

The NYPD is still strong and still hanging in. Except for all the wrong reasons. The New York Police Department's human members have all died and the effects of the blast have messed up the programming of the sizable robotic Police Force. New robots are in this new faction and I'll get into them more later, but a force of Sentry Bots is still pretty imposing. Their corrupted programming has enforced martial law on their territories and they will kill anything that doesn't abide by their strict protocols.

Frequently warring with the Big Apples and Liberty Mutants (the programming unable to recognize Mutants and Ghouls and registers them as threats), they do however know when to pull back. No one knows how they're so organized or why their programming is so consistent in every single officer. It's another mystery in the big corrupted city.

The Anarchists may be the biggest joke of hypocrisy and irony in Fallout's history. A group of rebellious people who want nothing to do with any form of organized faction (including the NYLA), they've organized themselves into a faction of guerilla fighters and mass murderers. For them it's every man for himself and live life however you want. Anarchy reigns for them. See someone you don't like, go ahead and kill him. See something you want, go ahead and steal it. Hating all leadership and organization, they're organized and led by the cunning (if you can believe that) Jeremy Orton. The only thing crazier and louder than his bright red mohawk, is his radio station. "Sick of that old person crap? Then dig Anarchy Radio, the new music of the new world!"

That's right, their main base is Anarchy Radio. Recording new music in their new production studio. Rock and punk music with lyrics of their beloved Wasteland, or as Orton puts it, "an Anarchist's paradise."

The Protettores are comprised of what remains of a major vault (not sure of Vault number yet) failure in which three different Italian mob families took residence. The Vault was ravaged by violence and corruption and the result is the Protettores. When the Vault opened, they immediately went out and set up the family business in the good ol' Liberty Wastelands.

Led by Corrado Moretti and the Moretti Family, the Protettores specialize in just what the name suggests, protection. In the dangerous Liberty Wasteland, it doesn't hurt to have a couple thugs armed with the .44 SMG (1920's Tommy Gun look-a-like) at your side. It also doesn't hurt to be one of the few factions with plenty of vehicles. Because of this, the Protettores often are tasked with guarding major roads for the larger factions. However their biggest client is ironically the Liberty Mutants.

The kind-hearted Moretti is sickened by the extreme prejudice and hostility towards the mutants and ghouls. Though before you call him a saint, he'll remind you of his motto: "A cap is a cap, doesn't matter who's handing it to you." Moretti. The only thing Moretti cares more about than caps is his family. But the aging kingpin's beloved family is constantly scheming for who's going to take over once Moretti kicks the bucket, or once someone else kicks it for him.....

Andrew Sharp's family was one of the wealthiest before the Great War, and his power and influence have followed him through the decades even in the Vaults. It only grew further when he opened the Sharp Towers luxury hotel off the remains and rubble of his family's old skyscraper. Sharps is the definition of ruthless. Forcing out the many families that called the rubble of the tower home and having several other small businesses cleared out to open the way to a new financial empire in the new world.

The Sharp family was also wealthy enough to have a small private army to cover their investments before the War, and things still haven't changed. Silver combat armor wearing, assault rifle wielding mercs take of the dirty work throughout the Wastes while pre-war suit, shotgun toters watch over affairs inside the Towers. The Towers are open to all sides of the war for New York and all sides hold it as the top spot for relaxation and morale boosting in the Liberty Wastelands.

But one false move you'll find the only thing sharper than Andrew Sharp's business tactics, are the bullets of the Sharp Towers mercs.

The Sharp family wasn't the only wealthy family corporation in the city before the War. The Corinth family were a major financial player and the arch rivals of the Sharps. Donovan Corinth is keeping the family name and family empire alive and well. Offering integration for land over the bullying tactics of Andrew Sharp, Donovan is considered a kinder and more open-minded man, though sometimes to a fault. Corinth Casino and Spa opened up just diagonally from the intersection of the Sharp Towers.

Corinth also has some muscle of the his own to protect his affairs. Countering the Sharp silver, the Corinth's carbon plated combat armor is just as intimidating a sight in the Lawless Lands, as their impressive energy weapon arsenal. Just as the Sharps like bullets, they're countered by the laser and plasma of the Corinth's. A family rivalry harking back to the Hattfield and McCoy's of the Old World. Only instead of rednecks with clandestine weaponry, this rivalry features wealthy businessmen, masked mercs, and cutting-edge weaponry.

NEW FACTION: The Skyscrapers may just sound like buildings to some. But in the Liberty Wasteland, Skyscrapers means keep your head down. Initially contracted by the Brotherhood of Steel to take out the Crean (again, giant mutated pigeon beasts) epidemic, the best shots amongst the civilians in their territory were allowed access to the remaining skyscrapers to basically scrape the skies clean of the Creans.

They did their job very well, and even built bridges and walkways from the rubble of the buildings to connect the towers. They loved their job and took pride in their work, hoping to eventually become honorary Knights of the Brotherhood. But one day their leader, Kyra Dannings witnessed a Paladin beating a child for accidentally breaking a laser rifle. Kyra couldn't stand by and watch the injustice and used her prowess to snipe the Paladin.

The BoS couldn't allow the death of their Paladin to go without punishment. However, their attempts at fighting the Skyscrapers were disastrous. Their Vertibirds took heavy Anti-Material Rifle fire, their ground forces picked apart before they could even get anywhere, and their troops movements easily exposed due to massive field of vision for the Skyscrapers.

The BoS eventually initiated a cease-fire with the Skyscrapers and allowed them to keep their homes in the lofty heights over NYC. Skirmishes and raids still arise though the Skyscrapers have taken more to building their own civilization in the sky and venturing through the Lawless Lands. Kyra Dannings carries a strict code of honor and sense of valor and instills it in all her people. They have a rich culture and traditions and are very well established for themselves. Just keep your head down and stay in the shadows if you get on their bad side.

NEW FACTION: The Molemen are the conglomeration of several Raider and Slaver tribes who have been forced underground thanks to powerful and wealthy factions like the Skyscrapers and Protettores. The Liberty Mutants' sewer presence threatens their existence though the pacifist Mutants tend to leave the Molemen alone.

Led by a man who simply goes by the name of Hollow, the Molemen are more sophisticated and organized than your typical Raiders and Slavers. Hollow's banned chem usage amongst the Molemen and sells them to the people in the city streets above. The sewers allowing for safe navigation away from the sniper scopes of the Skyscrapers and the renegade NYPD robots. Even capable of running chems to the three main warring factions, the Molemen can reel in the caps. Though they often blow them at the Big Apples.

But a Raiders is still a Raider at heart. The Molemen frequently ambush supply roads and traveling caravans and merchants. They prey upon the weak trying to avoid the big battles to the North and will often times abduct women to be sold to the Big Apples or the Sharps/Corinths to work in their venues, keeping the slaver game still alive.

You name it, anything illegal and and they've got their hands in it. Their Mole Rat masks fit the name perfectly. Some say they're stockpiling arms for a rise from the Sewers to re-claim their power in the Lawless Lands.....

Here's a list of some the basic equipment for the newcomers (BoS and Enclave are kinda predictable):

NYLA: most common weapon is the hunting rifle second most is the lever-action shotgun many will carry assault rifles and energy weapons revolvers and handguns very common other shotguns and SMG's in general are rare many use melee weapons and all at least have a combat knife on them missile launchers are actually decently common in a big battle, and grenade rifles are pretty common at checkpoints and strongholds Molotovs and frag grenades decently common

Big Apples: most common is the 10mm SMG second most are handguns/revolvers rare that they carry melee weapons though many use Ballistic Fists as a primary weapon (Big Time himself has tow unique ones) grenades, AR's, and energy weapons are first

Liberty Mutants: Most common is hunting rifle handguns and SMG's only on Ghouls Missile Launchers and other big guns are decently common too Lot of melee weapons used

NYPD: typical bot weapons though newer bots mentioned before can carry weapons most common are handguns and riot shotguns energy weapons of course very common big guns rare amongst the weapon carriers police batons very common on weapon carriers as well

Anarchists: Auto-Saw like from The Pitt are incredibly common. If they don't have a gun they're probably using this Other melee weapons like lead pipes and baseball bats appear decently enough, but auto-saws are pretty big for them Handguns, SMG's, and lower-tier shotguns are their common ranged weaponry Hunting Rifles, AR's, and Energy weapons are very rare. Missile Launchers only used by base guards or in a large-scale operation. Grenade Rifles appear pretty decently as well Other Big Guns are not carried at all Frag grenades and molotov cocktails are frequently carried too, molotovs very much so.

Protettores: the previously mentioned .44 SMG's, Laser RCW's, and lever-action shotguns are the common place weapons as well the usual handguns. Hunting rifles are rare but can still be found. Baseball bats are typically kept as melee weapons by most Higher up members of the faction and guards of territory are the only ones that spawn with Riot Shotguns Energy Weapons other than the RCW, AR's, and big guns are never carried by them Other SMG's are common Certain missions and guards will receive Sniper Rifles but this does not happen otherwise. Molotov's very common

Sharp Towers Mercs: Assault rifles and carbines are the most common guns for non-Tower troops Lever-Action shotguns and SMG's are only carried by guards inside and around the Towers Most common handgun is the 9mm, revolvers are rare, 10mm also common Explosives, energy weapons, big guns, and melee weapons other than brass knuckles by guards and combat knifes by mercs are not carried.

Corinth Casino Mercs: Laser and plasma rifles most common for non-Casino troops Laser RCW's and Particle Shredders (explained in later post, basically energy shotgun) most common for guards inside Only use energy handguns Explosives, bullet-firing weapons, bug guns, and melee weapons other than brass knuckles by guards and combat knifes by mercs not carried

Skyscrapers: Marksman Carbine, Scoped and unscoped Hunting Rifles, and Sniper Rifles are the typical guns Scoped revolvers and pistols are typical sidearms Some do have Missile Launchers Shotguns and AR's only used by guards inside the skyscrapers themselves Gauss Rifles used by some elite units Other Energy Weapons, explosives, and big guns not carried only melee weapon is combat knife or the occasional baseball bat Anti-Material Rifles rare amongst common troops though elite carry them decently and are used a lot in some missions

Molemen: Hunting rifles, low-tier shotguns, and SMG's are their main weapons. Frag grenades, molotovs, and mines very common. Grenade Rifles used at ambush points. not all carry handguns though 10mm is the most common with revolvers semi-rare. Many carry a weapon that's unique to the Molemen which is a four-foot blade of makeshift metal strapped to their arm simply called Arm Blade. Energy Weapons and big guns not carried through Flamers can be seen by guards in their main base and at some ambush points.


A map will be placed here soon. I'm going to go into detail a on a few key locations in the Liberty Wasteland.

The Crater

No one knows how it got there, but The Crater has become a major hot spot in NYC's Lawless Lands. A huge crater lined with man-made caves and chambers with barred windows made of rusty pipes and metal work overlooking makeshift metal bridges criss-crossing the chasm to link chambers together. The Crater is where the Lawless Lands come together.

If you don't have enough caps to get in to a Big Apple, or the Sharps Towers, or the Corinth Casino and Spa, the Crater is your destination of choice. Cheap drinks, cheap rooms, and cheap fun gambling. The Crater is a port in the storm that is the Lawless Lands. Though, even the port can get hit by the storm.

Constantly in the midst of power struggles as the wealthy and powerful Lawless Lands factions duke it out for control of The Crater. It never usually lasts long though due to counterattacks, attacks elsewhere, or new factions looking to get involved. However, fighting it usually around the outside of the crater as no one wishes to injure the patrons or risk a possible cave-in of The Crater.

The owners and workers of The Crater don't mind. Whenever someone takes over, all they ask is a cut of the action. The Crater still runs the way it wants and still makes itself a fun and desired hangout for the common man of New York. There's plenty of work for your character here, plenty of gambling, and plenty of action. Bounty hunters, drug lords, you name it and it's here.


The Only Good Mirelurk....

For Planet of the Ape fans, this quest title should be a fun reference for you. The quest starts in The Crater. One of the Crater guards ironically named Brent Franciscus (fans of the series will immediately get this) paces nervously back and forth in front of a wooden door that leads into the sewers saying, "It's a madhouse in here, a madhouse...." Talking to him reveals that there's a nest of Mirelurks not too far from The Crater inside of the sewers. He doesn't want to bring it up to anyone for fear of inciting panic and possibly hurting business and asks you to take care of it. He charges you with the task of killing all the Mirelurks in the nest and gives you the key to the sewer door.

Upon entering it's only a short walk before you notice a friendly hash mark on your compass just around a corner near the objective marker. What kind of friendly could be this close to the nest? You round the corner and are approached quickly by a non-hostile Mirelurk who actually talks to you. Seems when Moira thought they were intelligent in Fallout 3, she had no idea how intelligent they could be. The Mirelurk speech is garbled and bubbly but his phrasign his sophisticated and eloquent.

The talking Mirelurk is amazed you didn't shoot and still haven't shot. You can though choose speech options attack the Mirelurk or keep conversing with him. If you keep talking and ask about his ability to talk, he elects to take you to their king which you can accept or deny or attack the talking Mirelurk.

If you kept talking you are brought before their king (obviously a Mirelurk King). The King explains that they gathered the ability from hearing the humans throughout the sewers speaking and through probable mutation from radiation. You tell him of what Brent told you to do and he asks that you plead to Brent that they mean no harm and will not disturb The Crater.

Brent will deny no matter what saying that if anyone found out, that The Crater could go out of business. He doesn't care that they can talk or have emotions and feelings saying, "The only good Mirelurk is a dead Mirelurk." Time to go inform the king.

The King will ask if there might be somewhere else they could go, and you are now charged to find a place in the sewers where the Mirelurk society can live peacefully. Your marker will immediately lead you to ask the Liberty Mutants. Plato will be astounded by the finding of intelligent, speaking, and civilized Mirelurks and happily allow them to come and live amongst the Liberty Mutants.

Go back and ask the King if he will cooperate. The King agrees but says that Molemen have set up a checkpoint in the route Mirelurks will take there and that you must go deal with them. Three Molemen will be sitting at a sandbag checkpoint listening to a radio and drinking heavily. You can either fight them, speech challenge them saying there were some cute girls asking for them back in the nearby Molemen base, or bribe them. Whatever works. Time to go check back with the Mirelurk King again.

The King is overjoyed and thanks you dearly, asking for one last favor. He asks if you'll escort his people to the Liberty Mutants. Once you're ready it's time to head out.

Unfortunately, the Molemen heard about what you did at the checkpoint and have set up some ambushes along the way. You can talk to the King and tell him to keep his people behind, or move up. The Mirelurks will defend themselves and are formidable. However, if the King or five Mirelurks die, the Liberty Mutants option is failed.

Once you push through about five ambushes (seven on hard and very hard), the Mirelurks are greeted by Plato and his Super Mutant brethren. The King thanks you and gives you 500 caps and 5 stimpaks in reward. Now it's time to talk to Brent. You can now tell Brent there's no more Mirelurk nest there anymore (which isn't technically lying), and he celebrates thanking you immensely. "You finally really did it." He gives you 200 caps (300 if you Barter) and promises to talk about a discount at the bars (10% off). The achievement is granted and you successfully complete possibly the nerdiest quest ever. The same rewards are still granted from Brent even if you kill the Mirelurk nest (consists of about 30 Mirelurks with 1 king and 10 hunters).

Doing the Liberty Mutants route will result in Mirelurks patrolling the Liberty Mutants territory and even sometimes getting Protettores escorts with some of the Mutants and Ghouls around the Liberty Wastelands. Not all will talk but some can usually saying, "We'll never forget what you did for us," "thank you immensely," etc. Allegiances with the Liberty Mutants will even see them bring Mirelurks along in battles or missions.


Riot Sentry: Riot Bot

A tougher sentry bot model featuring a Riot Shotgun hand, a Riot Shield which can be picked up and used that blocks damage from the area it covers, and a Tear Gas Launcher on his shoulder. He can melee with the Riot Shield. The tear gas launcher fires out (which if hit directly by the tear gas grenade will do damage) a grenade bursts open on contact with any solid surface releasing white tear gas. This gas blurs vision, induces coughing, and reduces your VATS aim.

The gas itself does not cause damage. The riot shield can knock your character down. I haven't figured out statistics on it yet or how to work those, but consider it a tougher New Vegas Sentry Bot with a Riot Shotgun. The Riot Shield and tear gas launcher do kinda weight it down making it slightly slower.



Worst hack job ever but you get the picture. Black pigeon with reptilian eyes, a white horn, and a sharp long beak

The Crean is the terror of the skies in NYC. As tall as a deathclaw with a beak about four feet in length, the Crean is capable of picking up humans, Super Mutants, and even vehicles in its talons and carrying them off. Their bodies covered in thick leathery hide under their feathers, Creans are also very tough to bring down. Their beaks capable of piercing through Vertibirds, the city was almost impossible to move through.

But the combined efforts of the BoS and the Skyscrapers as well as what Vertibirds could make it through the Creans have reduced their numbers. Though Creans still roam through the skies, they're no longer the epidemic they once were.

Their beak and horn attacks can deal massive amounts of damage and being hit by a flap of their wings can even knock you over. They have the same health as a normal Deathclaw, though their defense is lower. Their flight capabilities and element of surprise make them difficult opponents. Though as the Skyscraper have shown, an Anti-Material or Sniper Rifle can be very effective against them. They're also very vulnerable to fire based weapons.

Also noteworthy is that you can distinctly tell male from female. The Male is black with white bands across its feathers and a white belly. Females meanwhile are also black but have white tips on their feathers and only white spots on the belly.

More posts on this are to come in due time. So be on the lookout for more of Fallout: New York. Please leave any thoughts or ideas.