Log entry date: 11/12/2079

I was traveling towards Novac to pick up some Buffout and whiskey (the usual), until I met a traveler that looked like a normal Wastelander, until I spoke to him. I met him outside the Novac gas station and asked him who he was when he approached me asking if I had any 9mm ammo to spare. He is quite young, around the age of 18 or 19 by my guess. He told me that he traveled to the Mojave wasteland from Shady Sands and told me that he was recruited by the NCR a year or two ago, which I could admit made me lose interest in talking to him since I usually don't deal with anything/anyone affiliated with the New California Republic. But he sparked my interests again when he told me what vault he had came from, which surprisingly was the same vault I came from, Vault 101. He graduated from the G.O.A.T program the same time my brother Marcus did, so I asked him if he might of known him. He said that him and Marcus were always paired up as partners when it came to labs in their class. I haven't seen my brother ever since I left the vault and he stayed, due to my travels, I haven't had the time to go back and visit him, since most people including him stayed in the Vault after the doors had opened.

I was curious on how my brother was, and made the mistake of asking him if he knew what had happened to my brother, or if he knew where he currently resided. He told me story that made that day seem to be the day that was held in the hands of the reaper of Death. He told me that a band of raiders had attacked the vault around a year after I left and that my brother was one of the many that got together to stop the raiders from getting further into the vault where the children and women were hiding. He told me that he was by his side during the firefight and that he was sorry to say that my brother had taken a bullet to the head when he was reloading. He told me in grave detail what had happened, he said that it is something that will never leave his mind.. It'll also never leave mine either. He said that Marcus was one of the bravest men that he's ever met, and I know Marcus well enough to know that this statement was more than true. He was even more braver than me, he always had a strong heart and would do anything to help someone, even if it meant is most certain death.

I didn't want to hear the other details that the young soldier had to offer, so I just gave him 20 rounds of 9mm ammo that I had in my pack and told him that I've heard enough bad news for today, and that I don't think that I could bare hearing anymore about how some deadbeats killed my brother. I traveled on, and the kid stayed at the gas station were we met. I finished my shopping at Novac and was on my way back to my shack when I seen that the kid was laying dead on the mat that he was sleeping on at the gas station. He had been robbed and stabbed in the chest and had his throat cut. I sat at the kids side and held his head in my blood covered hands.. Thought about taking my own life that night, the day had turned from bad to worse and I've had my share of bad days, but this one I almost couldn't handle.

John Constatine{Log date: 11/12/2078} Wanderer/Detective of the Mojave.

John Constatine's Terminal Holotape Logging #1

I've traveled a long way from home.. It's starting to get cold out, even during the day. Winters coming, and she's coming fast. Don't have many supplies to keep me a live out here in the mountains. I've thought for a long time about moving to the comfort of the Strip, but then I remember that I don't like being in the company of people. I like the loneliness that the Wasteland brings when you're on your own. People look at the destroyed land of Vegas and think, "wow, wish it was the same before the bombs dropped." An I sit here thinking the complete opposite. The world would of been worse off if the bombs hadn't destroyed the deadbeats that lived here before, unfortunately not taking the corrupted minds of the government with it. Heard that the NCR's president Kimball is suppose to give a speech at Hover Dam next week. Senseless idiots think that he'll survive the speech, even knowing that their enemies make camp right up the hill from the podeum that Kimball's speech will be held. All it'll take is a sniper and a good vantage point, hell I might even do it myself and save the novice assassin a griming death by the NCR's hands. I'm ending my log here, don't know when I'll make another one, maybe after a couple more bottles of whiskey.

The main topic of the article

This will take a look into the life of a middle aged male that would be considered a detective if the world hadn't gone to shit. When it comes to authority he doesn't follow anyone's rules or laws besides his own.

This is John Constatine, the main protagonist in my self made story line for the Mojave Wasteland, and it's people (you!). Hope you enjoy my travels as I look through the eyes and have Constatine's fucked up mindset.

He helps people that are in need, only if they have caps or at least a pint of whiskey to spare. Take a look at his life as more of his holotapes are found around the Wastes.

The reason that I created this article

The soul purpose of me creating this article is to give the people that enjoy Fallout a different experience as John Constatine travels the different Wastes, such as; the Mojave, the Capitol and most of the Commonwealth area wastelands.