• Jonbutler2004

    They Call Me Headshot - Part 2 - THE NAME GAME

    My name...I have gone by so many monikers that I barely recall my real name anymore.

    When I lived in the Vault, I had one friend who was close to my age. Amata, her name was. She was just a bit younger, but other than some of the adults, Amata was the only one who had a kind word to say to me. She used to call me Anna...and then the adults started calling me that. In the end, only my father ever called me by the long form of my name: Annable, or when I had done something I should not have, like when I took apart all the 9mm sidearms and cannibalized them for parts, he called me Annable Katherine. The Katherine part was my mother's name. I have no idea where he got Annable, and he is not ar…

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  • Jonbutler2004

    The Darkness

    March 31, 2012 by Jonbutler2004

    They Call Me Headshot - Part 1 - THE DARKNESS

    The date? Hell, I'm lucky I even know what day it is. According to my trusty ol' Pip-Boy, it is Thursday, 07.01.79, 16:08 hours...whatever all that means. The only part of any of that which has any relevance to me is the 16:08 hours part.

    It will be dark soon. That in itself has the opposite meaning to me from when this fiasco began, back when the fabric of reality was ripped out from under my feet. You see, that is what the above grounders never understood. They thought of me as naive, but that is my whole point. I WAS naive, and was caught unprepared for the surface world.

    Darkness back then, meant it was time to move out. Time to slink out of whatever alcove I could find where some poor, l…

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