FALLOUT 4: Canada

These are my ideas for Fallout 4.


The Story takes place in Canada a short time before the Nukes hit you are in line to enter a vault-tec vault # 42 to be exact, you are maybe 16 years of age. When it is your time to enter the vault the overseer demand you must have a picture taken to go with your file before you enter the vault this triggers the charecter creation sequence. After creating your charecter a Vault 42 jumpsuit is added to your inventory and you may enter the vault. 4 years pass and it appears you have made friends with a boy around your age named Scott who bears a striking resemblance to Butch from Fallout 3. You hear a loud Boom. The Overseer rushes over to you to say that the vault's food supply is extremely low, you must use a speech check to convince the overseer to allow a security team to check around the area for any possible food source however right after opening the vault door a pack of Feral ghouls kill the security team and run inside the vault. You must then find a weapon to defend yourself and escape with your friends and family.Once you escape the vault the canadian goverment orders that you must all be killed because you possibly could have been infected with large doses of radiation and that you must all be killed. You must kill them and you then pledge to destroy the canadian goverment for nearly killing your loved ones. P.S That boom were The Nukes that turned Canada into a barren wasteland.


Main Quests

Vault, Sweet, Vault- Entering the vault.

The New Kid- Starting Vault-Tec School and meeting scott.

The Virus- Escape the vault.

Putting It All Together-Earn the Brotherhood's trust.

Tracking Them Down- Find The Enclave's base.

Purification- Purify Vault 46's water.

Requiem- Destroy the Enclave.

Side Quests

CEO Of Nuka-Cola Corp.- Become the CEO of Nuka-Cola industry in Canada

The Bounty- Kill all of the targets given to you.

Killing The King- Find and kill the Mirelurk King.

Quantum Harmonizing- Help the scientists study Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Exterminator- Rid Cody's house of it's Radroach problem.

Freedom Fighter: Free the slaves from the slavers.

Singin The Blues: Retrieve the classical music records for Carlos.

Aiding The Britherhood: Help The Brotherhood with their raider "problem."

New Hairstyles

Emo sweep

Spiked Up


Swept Back



New weapons

Laser Shotgun



Desert Eagle


Smoke Grenade

New craftable weapons

Nuka-Launcher- Fires bottles of Nuka-Cola at enemies


Propeller- Uses a fan blade as a blade to slice up enemies

New Enemies

Radsnakes- Radiated Snakes

Polar-Guai- Polar bear version of the Yao-Guai

Intelligent Deathclaws- Very rare tougher deathclaws that know basic english words.

Enclave Commander- Tougher than regular Enclave soldiers, uses Telsa Armor.


Scott- One of the toughest followers, added as a follower if you escape the vault with him.Joinable with any karma. Wears: Vault 46 Jumpsuit.

Johnny- Originally part of Caesar's leigon, can be found in a bar in toronto.Evil Karma required. Wears: Leather Armor

Zach: A former NCR Riot Control Officer, can be found in camp silver. Joinable with any Karma.One of the toughest followers Waes: NCR Riot Control Armor, NCR Riot Control helmet

Flash: A dog, can be found in an abondoned house in Calgary. Joinable with any Karma.

Caz: A Ghoul who was originally part of the vault 34 security team, escaped many years back and came to canada.Good Karma required. Can be found in his shack in Moosejaw.

Hope these ideas make it to FALLOUT 4. Please write what you think!