• Johnnygat77

    FALLOUT 4: Canada

    November 18, 2012 by Johnnygat77

    FALLOUT 4: Canada

    These are my ideas for Fallout 4.


    The Story takes place in Canada a short time before the Nukes hit you are in line to enter a vault-tec vault # 42 to be exact, you are maybe 16 years of age. When it is your time to enter the vault the overseer demand you must have a picture taken to go with your file before you enter the vault this triggers the charecter creation sequence. After creating your charecter a Vault 42 jumpsuit is added to your inventory and you may enter the vault. 4 years pass and it appears you have made friends with a boy around your age named Scott who bears a striking resemblance to Butch from Fallout 3. You hear a loud Boom. The Overseer rushes over to you to say that the vault's food supply is extre…

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