wolfe got me. fuck, he got me. the pip boy is telling me my leg is indefinetly crippled. im going to have to walk to the shitty dwelling in the distance. maybe they have a doctor. dad, oh fuck dad whats he done. what the fuck has he done? how could he leave me? i was fucking shot because of him. its strange. not how i pictured it. its empty. not a soul im not entirely sure what i should have been expecting. i guess i thought id be immediately attacked by zombies, or id be eaten alive by a gang of tainted mantants. i stop. there is music, faint, but lurking close by. fuck i should have taken the gun.i dive beneath the floorboards of a nearby caved in house and hope the music passes. i can barely hear it since my heart is pounding in my ears but i think i can identify a flute. i pull out the police nightstick and ready to pounce, then run as fast as i fucking can. i remain under the house for nearly a full minute intil im sure i can hit the flute player from behind.

awesome. i just beat a floating toaster to death.i have absolutely nowhere to go. i begin walkin down the devastated road toward the shitty dwelling i saw in the distance minutes ago. most  of the houses i pass have no roofs or all conceivable enterances are boarded op but the place im headed