16 The Wasteland Survival Guide

Hello & Welcome to the first ever part of the wasteland survival guide (Please note that this is still a work in process) any injuries or deaths you suffer we are not liable for :D. The whole point of this is to help New and even old fallout players survive or even thrive in this place we call the wasteland(With out mods or Console commands) .

So how many of you guys (On any fallout game) were attempting to make caps and ending up going like this :

Have you been like this trying to make caps?

But never again will YOU ever have to say that again! because this week were going to help you make caps easily and have fun while doing it!


Looking for a quick easy way to make some caps in the Mojave and The Capital wasteland well look no further here are 3 simple ways to make Thousands of caps!

1.) Sell Spare ammunition you don't use. Never use the High Tech missile launcher? Sell your missiles! Almost never use your Laser Rifle? No need to worry Sell some of your ammo! Why is this such a great idea? Ammo generally sells for a medium sum of caps (Unless your barter skill is 100) and since its almost never used there's no harm in selling it in bulk!

2.) Keep your companion a Pack mule. This may not seem useful but it is after you kill an enemy take all of his gear and give this to your companion consider them a giant killing stack of caps! next time you stop by a caravan or merchant in a town make sure to off load that gear for some serious caps!

3.) Get your Repair skill to 100 find certain items (Armor,Gun's) in bulk then repair them to 100 percent and sell sell sell! Repair Quality over Quantity!

Fallout 3

The capital wastes one of the hardest places to make caps with out being judged.. but have no fear for we are here to help!

1.) Get slaves for paradise falls! I know not many people like slavers but sometimes you just need the money and gear! Some prime places to catch slaves in in Tenpenny tower, Rivet City , Underworld, Enclave camps (Raven rock) A slave sells for 250 caps each! WOWZA! (Just remember to stay hidden or every one will turn hostile!) NOTE: This will get you negative karma per slave!

2.) Have a hate for the outcasts? Turn that hate into Cold hard CAPS! since outcasts carry large sums of energy weapons ammo and Power Armor! its simple enough to take them out and sell there tech! (For those with the law bringer perk get double the cash!)

3.) Hate the Slavers? I call this the SLAVER WHIP OUT! simple go to paradise falls (bring lots of stimpacks and ammo and a strong companion if needed!) and kill all the slavers loot them all after there dead and sell all there gear to a Merchant (Again Lawbriger people earn extra!)

4.) (You must have Mother ship zeta for this!) Before starting MSZ Travel light bring only the needs! take all the alien weapons you can grab and make sure to find a storage container so you dont stay over encumbered after beating the DLC slowly take your alien gear and sell it (Remember alien gear is worth Lots of caps!)

5.) Get the law bringer perk and kill all evil you can find (Really helpful if you have the pitt and high karma!)

6.) Get the Contract killer perk and kill all the good characters you can find (Really helpful if you have very low karma and have the pitt)

Fallout New Vegas

The mojave how ever isn't too hard to make caps in so here's some help if your having troubles though!

1.) This is by far the Easiest way to make caps in NV, When the story progresses to Blow up the B.o.S bunker DON'T just put on a different factions armor and then get a companion to kill them and you kill them (Kill them ALL!,the companions just so you dont lose karma!) take there stuff and sell it!

2.) Since your bound to make 1 enemy faction in the game always make sure that when you kill a enemy faction member take there faction specif money (Legion money NCR dollars) and cash them for chips at a casino of your choice then exchange all your chips for caps and get the money made from it This is extremely use full as almost all faction enemy have there money on them.

3.) (Requires Old World Blues) After going to BIG mt make sure when ever you return to keep your loot and sell it Old world blue's stuff is like Alien stuff in fallout 3 Very rare and has a good price

4.) Sell combat armor from the Gun runners.

Thanks for reading folks I hope this some how helps some one comment your ways bellow or comment what we should work on next to help people!