Hey guys, I'd like to start off with how impressed I am with Fallout Wiki. It's well constructed, informative, yet retains its friendly community which attracts a vast audience. However, I'd just like to point everybody's attention in another direction to Xbox Wikianswers. I'm sure everyone is familiar with Wikianswers, the large Q & A site hosted by Wikia is used by anybody with either a question or an answer :).

Xbox Wikianswers is similar in concept, but is more specified to one individual topic; Xbox, its consoles, games, hardware, software (Xbox Live) and anything else Xbox! Right now, we're starting off quite small, with literally no community and I'm both looking for contributors and administrators, which is why I'm appealing to the Xbox players here to come contribute and help us grow to a reputable site. This website is one of the first spin-off Wikianswers wikis by Wikia and works off of the previous if Wikipedia [Wikianswers] is so big, then we can create sub-wikis based off of more specific topics with more details, this was the creation of Wikia.
To contribute, simply join us at and either ask a question or even answer some questions!
I'd be glad to see you join us!

Please ask me any questions you might have either here or on my talk page!
-- ~Joey~ ^Talk^ 07:04, October 23, 2009 (UTC)