This is a DLC idea that i have that i wanted to share:

Description: After Hoover Dam, The courier wandered the Mojave for two weeks before he is captured by the losing side (NCR,Legion,or both after making a temporary truths with each other to come after you convinced that it is best) and taken to California where they tie,beat,and gag you like Benny to make their revenge the more sweeter. They of course, shoot you 2 times in the head and put you in a shallow grave. Ever since the Benny incident, the courier has grown stronger and was able to pull himself out and get his own revenge. The courier must go through california to find information on the attackers.

unlockable perks: The awakening: You have walked the Divide, seen the sierra madre casino, outsmarted the think tanks, and have stopped the mighty white legs. Now, after being shot in the head and left for dead TWICE, you have gain the bonuses of all main companions includeing their upgrades. To access Veronica's perk ability, press back for the menu. Califronia Tourist: You have gone through the homeland of the vault dweller and chosen one and got your revenge. Picking up from these fellow legends, you now have all S.P.E.C.I.A.L up to ten and can no longer be crippled. U.S armyman: After looking at terminal filled of things to trained U.S recruits, you now have the ability to do silent takedowns while in sneak mode behind a NPC.


apparel: Courier's tattered clothes weapons: crowbar Desert eagle.44 Assault rifle combat shotgun Old knife

Quests: New land, New problems Courier's old ways War never changes 13 is my lucky number! Brain the size of a planet

Note from Designer: This is like the Broken steel where you also get the level cap up 10 more levels but since the makers of Fallout new vegas say it can't be done by the fact that it has a definite ending, I put it in California to avoid this issue and make it interesting and keep the land fresh and new. Fans of Fallout 1 and 2 are going to love coming back here and see what it looks like on 360 or ps3. This will be the very end of main quest so i added some awesome perks to keep them going on to play. The problem is find out what happens when you come back so you can do other DLCs and side quest so I plan on just putting the faction you sided with in enemy camps and no longer will there be that faction in the game. So, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing it!