• Jetspartan112

    The awakening-DLC

    October 25, 2011 by Jetspartan112

    This is a DLC idea that i have that i wanted to share:

    Description: After Hoover Dam, The courier wandered the Mojave for two weeks before he is captured by the losing side (NCR,Legion,or both after making a temporary truths with each other to come after you convinced that it is best) and taken to California where they tie,beat,and gag you like Benny to make their revenge the more sweeter. They of course, shoot you 2 times in the head and put you in a shallow grave. Ever since the Benny incident, the courier has grown stronger and was able to pull himself out and get his own revenge. The courier must go through california to find information on the attackers.

    unlockable perks: The awakening: You have walked the Divide, seen the sierra madre …

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  • Jetspartan112

    The courier's story

    August 10, 2011 by Jetspartan112

    I'm so psyched for lonesome road and anxious to see what the courier's background and a lot of people make their own stories so here is mine.

    Born in the divide, the courier lived in a little shack that when he was 18, it got raided by Caesar's legion lead by one named Ulysses. The courier and his father tried to fend them off but lead to the courier's father getting sliced and stabbed to death and the courier having to find cover until it was over.

    After the wave of legionaries, The courier tracked Ulysses to his camp where he killed all the recruits, trainers, and veterans to get to him. The courier was very low on ammo for his 9mm pistol, but he didn't care, Ulysses shot the courier's arm and got away while the wounded man tried to shoot …

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