The Hybrid Deathclaw

The Hybrid Deathclaw, more commonly known as a Cazaclaw out of game is a creature found in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281. They become existent when the player downloads the [Cazaclaws'] mod by MM, Brigand231, Dragbody and Blender on the Nexus community. Their specific stats and information remain a mystery, but they can be found at Silver Peak Mine, Primm Pass, Callville Bay, Deathclaw promontory, Dead Wind Cavern, Cazador Nest, and near the "Hidden Cazador Nest" area. They retain the general characteristics of both deathclaws and cazadores, such as giant claws, extreme speed, (limited) flight, humeral and acrostichal setae (basically shoulder and head hair, or in this case, spikes), a pair of antennae, red multifaceted compound eyes, large feet with clawed toes, two horns on it's chin, razor-sharp teeth, 3 extended spikes on it's back, pincer mandibles (just two), rough skin, nostrils, a tail, the basic chest structure of a deathclaw, unique sounds, ability to poison it's prey, etc. Luckily, (or unluckily for those who just love a good mutant fight) there is just a single variant, labeled in-game simply as "Hybrid Deathclaw", despite the creator noticeably only referring to it as "Cazador". They are seemingly most weak to rapid-fire weapons, so other than any mod weapons you may have, I'd suggest you combat them with a light machine gun, grenade machinegun, or a simple laser gun. Here is some gameplay combat with them by AlChestBreach.

New Vegas Mods Cazaclaw Lab!14:51

New Vegas Mods Cazaclaw Lab!

Here's s'more pictures of 'em...