This was MY original post on the Fallout NV Discussions, on Steam I'm posting it here for some different opinions Enjoy!

I always liked how Fallout takes place in the States with that 50's Americana feel, But Im tired of it I feel that the past Fallout's have sucked out all there is left in the States and another title might be like an older Title. (My Opinion) So I went to thinking of possible Countries that could be a potential for a next Fallout (Presumably Fallout 4)

First I thought about Mexico since it is close to home and off what you hear in the news it is not a great place in current time so imagine all the crazy crap happening now in Mexico and throw a Nuclear Bomb on it. Sadly I feel it would not be a great seller.

Next I went across the Pond to Her Highnest Majesty, England. The only reason I find that this couldn't work is mainly that the Fallout Universe is not a place for England by that I mean England does not seem to "Lore Friendly" to the Fallout Universe.

Now for what you have come for the main event If you go farther East your going to hit Great Mother Russia. Russia is a great place for a future Fallout for plenty of reasons.

1. Radiation! if your going to have a great Fallout recipe you need the main ingredient Radiation Radiation is the reason there is anything bad in Fallout! Without it we wont have Giant Ants, Yaou Guai,Nightstalkers and everyone's favorite Deathclaws. In my opinion Fallout New Vegas lacked this key ingredient.

2. Same Time Frame... Kinda! In the past Fallout's your in the ruins of a world which was ran in paranoia. There was always talk of under-cover Commies, Communist Taking Over Etc. the point im making is that Fallout is ran in a Cold-War Era like time were instead of Russians Destroying the world it is the Chinese.

3. A key feature of Russia what is it... Oh It's HUGE. As the largest Country in the world it would be likely that if a Fallout game was placed in Russia it would be large also. Im not talking New Vegas large here either i'm talking Skyrims map and a half (Hopefully)

4. An Arsenal for an army. The Fallout universe takes place in a time were every one was gearing up for war and I doubt Russia would be any exception Especially with a size of an army they use to have.

Well that's my thoughts on a future Fallout! Tell Me if you actually liked the idea of a Russian Fallout or if the ideas were completely stupid. Creative Criticism's much more appreciated. Also Tell me If you have any Ideas on a great location for a future Fallout!