First Person View, Vast increase in Guns and Ammunition and Aiming Down Sights

All of these and more made Fallout the game we see today but did they take away a feeling of an RPG to the Fallout game to you? For me personally a little even though I love the feeling of playing an open world RPG as Fallout I couldn't help the feeling that it felt just like an FPS and it was trying to hide it's RPG feel. I know Bethesda and Obsidian threw in these feature to help new or veteran Fallout players have a better feel when they (Re)Enter the long Forgotten Wasteland to more modern Titles that were coming out at the time. (Example Bioshock Call Of Duty 4-7, Battlefield Bad Company 1/2 Half-Life, and maybe even Borderlands)

The first subject is First person View. The reason I want to touch on this is that the first two Fallout's were only Third Person which to me (for whatever reason) makes a game a good RPG i'm not entirely sure if First Person was implemented into Tactics and BOS (I never played them) but i'm coming from vague memory. But in Fallout 3 and New Vegas we were introduced to a different perspective while in the wasteland which did make the game a lot better and in someways more open, but the option to switch to 3rd person was still available (yet a bit more difficult to play with) was far different than the previous games.

The next is Weapon amounts and a wider amount of ammo to collect. In fallout 3 we were shown a wide array of new weapons and past favorites but with that the game took a turn into a slight point and kill game. What I feel makes a good RPG is Tactics but with these great guns we were introduced with (Alien Blaster, Fat-Man if DLC then Alien Denigration Rifle Mesmetron in its own way and Gauss Rifle) when a player receives this kind of weaponry we throw Tactics out the window and go to Point, Click, Boom. Which in it's own way is good for this was in a way fixed in Fallout New Vegas where the leveling system really showed to where certain weapons were only obtainable through higher levels or story progression with the exception of Unique Weapons Hidden gems in the Mojave. but dismmising that point some Major weapons could be obtained early in game or hidden in a location the character may visit early or in there own curiosity my one point to this is The Fat-Man which is directly obtainable in the third to fourth part in the main quest where you must kill a Super Mutant Behemoth with it. Yes that was there so you could take the giant bugger down but why couldn't Bethesda either throw in a script to make you loss the Launcher or made it broken once the Mutant was killed? Well probably for very explainable reasons which I do not currently know of. I do have many more examples of this but I will leave it to that for now.

The third and final reason I will tell you is the Feature introduced in Fallout New Vegas Aiming Down Sights. Please don't get me wrong I love aiming down the sights of my Ranger Sequoya any day but was it absolutely needed? I do not remember reading any raging post on Forums and such of people Begging Obsidian to add Aiming down the sights (and I do know there's an option to disable it) to Fallout why did they change it is my question? did they want to add to the feeling of an FPS? Or did they think it would be a key Feature in Fallout New Vegas that people would play it because it may have felt familiar?

Tell me your opinions please! Did I bring enough of an argument to have this pointed out or did I point out something you already recognize happening to the Fallout Franchise? And also tell me what you think is Fallout 3 and New Vegas more FPS than RPG or am I a total idiot of even forming a thought about it.