I am an author of sorts looking to get my book out there, any ways, i have a series of books called Wastelanders. my first book is called Wastelanders: Jasmine's Story. the book is over a hundred pages. here's a short preveiw of Jasmine's Story:

Hearing something wiz by she turns to Rivet City and see the security guard must have heard the gunshot and is firing at her. She pulls up her rifle and fires twice. Just missing the guard, she hears a click knowing the sound she takes cover to switch to a 10mm pistol. Standing up again she fires hitting the guard in the helmet, he stumbles back re-aims and starts to fire again at her. Jasmine shoots three shots, scoring one in the chest. His armor absorbs most of the blow but Jasmine can see blood. Firing again twice she hits him with both shots, falling over he looses his machine gun, it falls from the bridge. Jasmine gets up dropping the pistol, pulls out the combat knife strapped to her leg. She gets up and starts to run toward him. Getting the knife ready Jasmine jumps on top of the guard and cuts open his jugular, hearing the wind whistle and gurgle she knows she cut her target. The blood soaking up on his armor, trying to yell for help, he couldn’t. All that got out was the whistle from his sliced wind pipe. Jasmine gets up and runs away from the bloody scene.