This blog is no longer relevant. I apologize to everyone that has managed to stumble across this blog, as Wikia have been making changes to the coding involved with these ads, and the advice that I was giving, is no longer compatible. I am going to wait, for now, to see if Wikia are going to keep rotating out their code, and depending on their actions, I may or may not update my bypass.

I apologize in advance - hopefully there will be additional Wikia users that are more consistent in finding a way around these obnoxious ads.

15:49, March 31, 2016 (UTC)

Wikia Staff have a long history of forcing many unwanted changes onto their hosted wikis, and it looks like this tact is prevalent, all the way up to now in 2016.

Without even extending the common courtesy of a released statement explaining their changes, Wikia have gone ahead and pushed through what appears to be the prototype stages of two new features onto some of the larger wikis - Nukapedia being one of those wikis. I am only going to tackle one of these features for now, and hopefully help some people out in the process.

Trending Fandom Wikis: Ads are a necessary evil at times, especially when a non-profit organization is involved. Unfortunately, Wikia are now pushing through internalized ads, that do little more than advertise other Wikia wikis. Normally, maybe these new ads would not be so bad, especially in the past when they had sponsored events behind the ads, that advocated camaraderie between like-minded wikis.

This is not the case right now. Without warning anyone, Wikia have now forced discussion app content at the bottom of every article; discussions that are only relevant towards the article being read, by pure, random chance.

They have now forced a huge ad on our front-page portal, linking to wikis that have little to nothing to do with either the Fallout series, or the general sci-fi/retro-futurism/apocalyptic themes.

And worst of all, they have added an obnoxious horizontal ad, that appears in the middle of every article, nearly 100% of the time an article is loaded up, that cannot be bypassed by having a registered account, or by utilizing one's setting preferences. This type of ad, portraying three boxed images that link to other wikis, are also largely irrelevant towards Nukapedia and its setting, and as such, our users are having spam shoved down their throats, even when visiting template and code pages.


I have found a way to bypass this new type of article spam, and I am willing to share with our users, as to how they can do the same. Unfortunately, this is the sort of bypass that I cannot reveal publicly, and so I will be sitting down with users in a more private setting, should I be asked.

Just shoot me a message on my talk-page, and we can either meet in the chat room, or some other alternative. The bypass only takes a few seconds to set up, and will work for both PC and most mobile users.

In the meantime, make sure to let Wikia know that in the future, they should really start respecting both their users, and hosted wikis a lot more than they currently are. 寧靜 Fox 19:23, March 16, 2016 (UTC)