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Dün Mir

Dün Mir is the fortress-city of the Maddog and his first-generation super mutants in 2277.


A city hidden away within a city, Dün Mir was created when the first-generation super mutants, led by the Maddog, discovered the yellow-skinned super mutants and their FEV vats in Vault 87 while traveling through the D.C. ruins. With the many factions vying for control of the city, the Maddog used the Vault 87 super mutants to drag portable hangers seen while drifting through Adams Air Force Base in an attempt to cover a small section of the city as both a defense measure, and to help keep their privacy against watchful eyes.

Now, after years of re-building and innovation, Dün Mir has truly become a gem amongst the rubble, and is jealously guarded by the super mutants that call the city home. While many new entrances have been created by those looking to sneak in, Dün Mir itself is nearly impenetrable, with few breaking in able to escape and share what they have seen. But now, amongst their war with the Vault 87 super mutants, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Talon Company, even the fortress-city of Dün Mir will have its strength tested.


Located in a sectioned off part of the D.C. ruins near Rivet City, Dün Mir is a super mutant fortress protected by multiple large portable army hangers dragged in from Adams Air Force Base. One of the largest settlements found throughout the Capital Wasteland, Dün Mir has become a legend amongst wastelanders, and few ever risk sneaking in to see what's inside.

Notable loot


Dün Mir is a city comprising of nearly two dozen renovated buildings, along with a town square, arena, and bazaar. When first coming in through the front entrance, a street will lead to the middle of the city, where super mutants gather and the town hall can be found where the Maddog resides.

Traveling around to the back of the city leads into a section of the metro, where the Dün Mir arena can be found. Here, combatants can fight against captured raiders and slavers, Vault 87 super mutants including super mutant overlords and super mutant behemoths, and even deathclaws and captured Enclave and BoS troops.

Circling the town square is the bazaar, where super mutants trade in goods salvaged from the city, and rare items can be found by those looking to upgrade their arsenal.

Related quests

Total Warfare Mambo - Dün Mir is requested to be wiped out, along with its leadership by Commandant Aix. Alternatively, a truce can be acquired with the Maddog should one be resourceful enough.


  • While there are many different ways to sneak into Dün Mir, whether through the sewers or through a hanger breach, being seen in this way will cause the resident super mutants to become hostile, and will disallow the option to speak to the Maddog under peaceful terms.
  • Dün Mir, compared to the other settlements in the Capital Wasteland, is the largest city that can be visited, surpassing even places such as Megaton, Evergreen Mills, and Rivet City in size and population.
  • Should a truce be struck between the Maddog, all first-generation super mutants within Dün Mir will become peaceful as well, allowing trade and even arena options to open up.


Dün Mir appears only in Fallout 3.