50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
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Stop right there and identify yourself! We see any sign that you're Talon Company, and Eugene here is going to make a meat shower out of you


Crow Call is a Fallout 3 quest in the Verisimilitude add-on.

Detailed walkthrough

Rangers under fire

Once the Lone Wanderer has left Vault 101 for the first time and has reached the outskirts of the D.C. ruins, a distress signal will be picked up by the Pip-Boy 3000, stating that a mercenary group going by Reilly's Rangers is under attack by the Talon Company.

Should the distress call be answered, and once their compound has been reached, the Lone Wanderer will be forced to fight through the opposing mercenaries who are currently laying siege to the area and shooting everything and everyone that are not them on sight. Once the Talon Company mercs have been disposed of, Brick will appear at the entrance with Eugene, and will demand that the Lone Wanderer be escorted to the Ranger's leader, Reilly. After a brief discussion with Reilly, whom will offer a myriad of small objectives to fulfill for caps, she will then introduce Gerrard Valen; the man the Talon Company were looking for.

Speaking to Gerrard will reveal that he is an ex mercenary for the Talon Company, and has been working with Reilly's Rangers to help get rid of the rogue mercenaries and their leader, Commandant Aix. Should his proposition be accepted, Gerrard will begin gearing up, and will request for the Lone Wanderer to join him and help scout out an area that the Talon Company have recently been focusing their attention on.

A brother's betrayal

Joined by the newest Rangers recruit Theo, the party will travel to an area in Falls Church, where the Talon Company can be seen fighting with the local super mutants. While sneaking through the surrounding buildings to catch a glimpse of what they're fighting over, Theo will suddenly stand up as a squad of Talon Company mercs enter, and will declare that he was really a Talon Company merc signed up to infiltrate the Rangers and get Gerrard out in the open. With a Speech of 60, Theo can be appealed to, and will shoot himself in guilt for what he has done. With a Barter of 80, 2,000 caps can promised, and Theo will turn on his Talon Company brethren, afterwards requesting the caps, or turning on them should they have lied.

Surrounded by enemies on all sides, Gerrard and the Lone Wanderer will be forced to fight their way through the ambushers, and to either fight or sneak by those that are battling outside. Nearing the Falls Church exit, a Talon Company sniper will shoot Gerrard before super mutants raid the building and kill the sniper. Dying, Gerrard will give the Lone Wanderer a locket, a strange vial full of an unknown liquid, and his personal journal; giving a final request to find his daughter and to save her from Commandant Aix's influence.

The plot thickens

Reading the journal will reveal that Gerrard has a daughter named Isolde with a rare terminal condition called hemophilia, and how he joined the Talon Company in an attempt to cure her through their scientists at a old-world installation referred to as the Cocoon. Stealing away with a solution from the the Cocoon that could help partially cure his daughter's condition, Gerrard meant to spirit Isolde away before the Talon Company caught on and assassinated him. However, before Isolde was able to make it to the meeting spot, she was kidnapped by Commandant Aix and an assassination squad was sent in to deal with her father. In the final entry of the journal, he has written that Reilly's Rangers finally located where they're holding his daughter - in the Hall of Columns within the Capitol building. Traveling through the Mall and reaching the Capitol building, a battle is seen between the Talon Company and a strange new type of super mutant unlike the ones seen fighting at Falls Church.

Managing to get inside, it is discovered that not only are the Talon Company fighting against the super mutants, but the super mutants are also fighting with each other. With the dark-skinned super mutants now defeated, the Lone Wanderer will be forced to deal with the last of the yellow-skinned super mutants next, with the remaining mercs fighting against their leader; a super mutant behemoth.

Continuing onwards into the Hall of Columns, a scientist by the name of Artax the Mad can be found searching through the rubble, and setting up a turret for defense. The scientist will explain that he's searching all across the D.C. ruins for ideas in creating new inventions, and that so far all he's been able to find are pesky mutants, leading him to ramble over creating some sort of chip to remotely control their minds with. With a Science skill of 75, Artax the Mad can be convinced to help the Lone Wanderer fight through the remaining mercs.

Reaching the end of the Hall, a heavy Hellion will have to be fought. A key can be looted from their corpse, which will unlock the room holding Isolde Valen. Releasing her and explaining how they found her, she will will break down momentarily over the news of her father's death and will run outside, in which she will be waiting at the steps of the Capitol building. Giving her the journal left by her father as well as the solution entrusted to the Lone Wanderer, Isolde will drink the solution, but will notice a note in the journal stating that the solution by itself wasn't enough, and needed a complimentary solution of modified FEV to cure her entirely. Picking up a nearby merc's rifle, she will agree to help the Lone Wanderer infiltrate the Talon Company.

Behind enemy lines

After reaching the location of Commandant Aix at the Talon Company forward base, and sharing the code-word given to those looking to get recruited, Isolde will declare her wishes to explore the ruins while they're gone, and will agree to wait for them afterwards at the Ranger compound.


  • If Gerrard Valen is killed pre-maturely, the add-on will become unplayable without a prior save. While Isolde Valen can still be saved, the dialogue for infiltrating the Talon Company will not show up, making it impossible to know how to get into the Talon Company forward base.
  • Isolde Valen will disappear from the game at the conclusion of this quest, and will only appear at the Ranger compound once the next quest has been finished.
  • Artax the Mad's remarks coincide with the works of the Surgeon.
  • If Reilly's Rangers are made hostile, Gerrard will become hostile, as well.

Behind the scenes

Without the Verisimilitude add-on installed, Reilly's Rangers will need to be saved before they appear at the Ranger compound. With the add-on, Theo will still be alive, and an entirely different mercenary group will be found fighting it out on the roof of the Statesman Hotel. Should this mercenary group survive, they will break up the group afterwards, stating the work to be more dangerous than it's worth.