The Capital Wastelands Army given the name Capital Army after being formed 2278 was at first only in name and having a commission of only a few officers and hired out of work mercanaries for its troops.Not much of a army at first but the organization into a force.Brotherhood took in 100 local volunteers too train into the first company.After 3 months of trainning the first combat company deployed and attacked the National Guard Depot for a main base of operations.Rebuliding and fortifying of the depot took place adding a weapons cache,trainning facilities,logictics facilities,robotic forces as well.Its commander Col.Stinson put into military law of open recruitment to any free non criminal person of the Capital Wasteland Human,non feral Ghouls,non hostile Super Mutants.Numbers from local open recrutiment would make the army a sizeable force in the future.Weapons in the Army vary but all soldiers are given combat armor,combat helmet,combat knife,10mm pistol,2 bottles of water,food,ammo.Primary weapons used by soilders are armed with Assult rifles or hunting rifles.Chinese Assult rifles,Combat shotguns,10mm SMGs,Laser rifles,Laser pistols are also used.Power Armored units were also used armed with heavy weapons and a Vertibird based company were also used.Power Armored units being trainned by the Brotherhood were deployed as heavy infantry,defencive forces and front line shock troops.Vertibird troopers acted as fast respawns moblie infantry for counter attacking and capturing of areas very quickly.After a year and a half from its being formed numbers had increased to 2 full battlions with a third on its way.The Capital Army proved its worth and paided back the dept for all the Brotherhood had done for them.By taking George town and Dupot Circle adding to the secure section of DC.Also taking patrols,smaller postions,taking a campign to clear more of the raiders out of DC and Arlington.Taking and repaving many of the roads then patrolling them making large areas safer for people all around.