This will be a journel of a NCR trooper recruit that joinned in the Mojave area.Trained at Camp McCarran with only 3 weeks of basic training was sent right too Camp Forlon Hope.Rank at this point Private,have body armor and small about of supplies,9mm pistol,no knife,no tools,a bad conditon caravan shotgun.Squad is at a size of 10 with a veteran sargeant leding us when we got to the camp.To guard the supply tent and west side of the base.This is the set up of that time at Camp Forlon Hope.

It has been a week since getting here at the Camp place is a complete shithole the men we are replacing the bodies hadnt even been removed yet.I went to the Quartermaster to see about trading in my old shotgun no luck,told me couldnt so anything about it just be gald you have a weapon to fight with.Guess I will have to kill a Legion soldier for a better weapon.Last night our squad was ambushed by Legion skirmishers,killing one with a double barrel in the face.Then while reloading had to quickly switch to my sidearm for another coming at me with a machete.Took me a whole mag to stop him then I was able to reload to save a another soldier from a machete to back.With that they withdraw I shot another one in the leg he fell down killing himself before I got to him.Lost 3 man and 3 wounded in that ambush,Sarge ordered wounded moved to the med tent.I requested to seach the dead Legion man for supplies,said "it wouldnt hurt too look Private".Got some water,food,ammo and a very nice .357 revolver that I choose to use.I handed out the supplies to the squard give what was left and the armor of the Legion man to Quartermaster could get us more ammo and maybe some rifles.Asked the sarge if we should fortify that hole in our defense barking at me"With fucking what Private?".Anything we can Sargeant I got what was left of the squad and we cleared a area getting the sadbags up over cement blocks.That night and early morning were exuasting but worth it in the end. Private Lando Ford

The Sarge today came up to me with a big geen on his face telling me I am now promoted to Corporal.I accepted this started by telling my half of the squad I was now in command of,I have 4 other lives to worry about.What I wanted to do was get better equipment and weapons for me and my squad.The only thing I can think of doing to raiding the Legion at Nelson,I asked for another man to come with me as a volunteer the one that came was a guy named Pvt.Goode we went about 11pm our save word to return was Kimbell.Sneaking through the open area between the bases had to disarm several mines,made our way to theside of the base to the highest guard tower.I jumped the guard while Goode watched out for anyone coming,I stripped the guard of everything on him.Leaving a mine under him and a another mine to cover our escape.Halfway back to camp we heard a explodion then another we both ran back to camp now called out Kimbell!Then the sarge had the whole squad lay down a cover fire for us.A bunch of pissed off Legionarries swormed at the front of the base.I ordered grenades to be thrown to slow them down.Four grenades went out after the smoke cleared 13 dead legionarries with the rest make a retreat I took one last shot with my revolver.With a large plum of red in the air he fell to the ground.Goode laughed "nice shot" I was surpired at the shot as well.That night morale was rised and we got some nice gifts off our dead enemies.

Corporal Lando Ford have to get used to new rank...

Since that sneak attack a few nights ago the guards have increased at Nelson.The skirmish attackers have stopped since our night attack which will give us time to fortify our weak areas in the camp.All the gear we took off the dead legionarries we put to getting badly needed rifles for the squad.We now have this services rifles semi-auto,reliable,durable with enough ammo and spare parts for a squad to fight.I feel safer now that I have a rifle I got half the squad drilling while the other cleared rubble and filled sandbags then put them in place.After a few hours I let them take a breaks to refresh themselfs with rest,water,and a meal.Two hours later the squad switched duties with the base better fortified and the man better drilling we would be ready for another attack.I was ordered to the Major's tent he liked what I was doing and ordered me to drill the other squads.I followed my orders getting the other squads combat ready it was then that my Sargaent with a big smile give me a paper saying that I have another battlefield promotion.Great I am forced to be a Sargaent now I then made Pvt.Goode a Corporal he cursed but accepted it anyway.He would continue where I left off while I would go a mission of my own.Next morning I made my way to the Helios One asking for any support that could be given at all.What I got was 5 ammo boxes of 5.56,9mm,20ga,.308 rounds enough to give to my squad ammo to last for week.The spare ammo I send to the Quartermaster with my squad back to camp,we then made our way to the 188 to trade the gear from the Legion.Met a Arms dealer and a Gun Runner payed for a months worth of ammo and new arms.Brought myself a new service rifle and got a modifcations for it.Also brought a lot of medical supplies and food.Came back to base with several bramins carrying badly needed arms and supplies.Sgt.Cooper and Sgt.Perlman both were shocked and what I had done and also give them new weapons Sgt.Cooper a service rifle and Sgt.Cooper a lever action shotgun.I scene a promotion in the air.

Sgt.Lando Ford I knew it I just new I would be promoted for my actions all well.

I with Sgt.Cooper and Sgt.Perlman met and would exchange what to do and give the report and a audio recording to the Major.Sgt.Cooper would be in charge of his own first squad and general counter actions in the event of a Legion attack,and the soon retaking of Nelson.Sgt.Perlman had command of his second squad,general defence of the camp,and