After the events of Broken Steel major changes came to the Capital Wasteland.Month after water caravans had put out enough water to help the major towns and the minor settlements to survive and the people of the Capital Wasteland could turn attenden to other prosuits in life.Improvement too housing took place as well as the restoring of broken old world technology.The Brotherhood of Steel at the same time started taking in new recruits and the gathering of rogue robots.Adding to the ranks the Brotherhood needed to expand to compinsate for their limited space.It was then a detachment led by Paladin Bael cleared and took Alexander Arms hotel for its space it could prove,easier route to the library.Two months after the events of Broken Steel reenforcements were send to GNR,The Washington Momument,White house square,and Fort Bannister with orders to fortify and clean up the bases.Wastelanders moved from the deep wastes into the major towns increasing population all over.The slave trade was on a decline with more slaves escaping and slavers getting called from Brotherhood patrols and failed carvan ambushes.Hunters start a large hunt of mirlurks in the river basin selling the meat and becoming a major seller of meat feeding hundreds,expanding into a new company Basin hunter company based out of DC.GRN signal is boosted radioing to people outside of the Capital Wasteland to come to DC for a better life.People come from poor sums and wandering to settle in DC.Brotherhood takes The Mall,Penn.Ave,Area around GNR station.Super Mutants forced out Lyons Pride chases Super Mutants into Vermon Square soon after taking the square.Reconstruction of the areas captured.Three months after the events of Broken Steel Arlington is full secured and settlers start moving into the abandon houses.Old factories around Arlington are put back into opertion,put out products to be sold by way of carvans.Population increases to over 800+ citizens local leaders come together to form a united law,taxation,building of a army,public utilities.Brotherhood takes 100 local volenteers transport them to Adams Air Force Base to train them into Capital Army.Four months after the events of Broken Steel Rivety City unites to the broken bow of the ship expanding the city for its growing population.Megaton gets a reconsuction effort as well.Bridges across the Potomac River were being rebuild getting the river to flow out to the Purifier bring new life to the river.Brotherhood forms the first Vertibird squardarn preforming resupply missons and scouting out places to take and super mutant,enclave,slaver,raider movements.Arlington and parts of DC have the glow of lights shining out int othe dark wasteland being a beacon to travelers coming for a better life in DC.Populations in the area rise a little over 1000+ people.Local Goverment form counts,police,ulities workers,Bill of Rights,Workers Units are formed,voting takes place,tax collection is enforced.Brotherhood surpire attack the Wheston Armory battle is over in 6 minuites.Fortifing of the Armory takes place.Five months after the events of Broken Steel experiments made by scientist at Rivety City create a plant sythitic sap to bring dead trees and plants in the waste back to life.Testing proves successful sections of dead trees come back to life.Radation levels are at lower levels mutantion of dangerous creatures decline as a result.Goverment contacts and write up a contract with the Regulators becomign the main enforcers of law,being placed as the Sheriffs of towns.Crime rate is very low in DC and Arlington.Brotherhood attacks and takes Besthsda Ruins securing it,making a new town is formed people move in.The first commission officers by the government Capital Army starts its outline of taking over patrols and postions that the Brotherhood had to relief them.Brotherhood agrees plans its own missions in the outer wastes and outside wasteland.Six months after the events of Broken Steel the first company of Capital Army is ready for combat,two more companys and one vertibird company was taken in to be trainned.The 1st combat company of the Capital Army needed a base of operations attack and taking the National Guard Depot.Gainning a base,robotic force,trainning facilities,logistical facilites.Brotherhood captures Fort Constinantine week after turns over Wheston Armory to the Capital Army.Its commandeer Colonal Stinson took a aggressive plan of clearing DC of any threats by first taking George Town from Super Mutants.The underground Sewers and subways were cleared out and power restored.Then railroad was rebuild and trains put back in service giving a fast transport to the people of DC.Population increase to 1300+ and Capital Army gains a full battlion strenght with a second on its way and a full armored infantry company made up of troops wearing power armor.